High Times Magazine #490 – November 2016


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Daytime Highs
High Times returned to San Bernardino, California, to host our first-ever Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup with 12 categories of hash. By Mike Hughes

2016 Vapor-Pen Review
Whether you’re looking for stealthiness, efficiency, a sleek design or big hits, a team of 30 judges did all the heavy lifting (and vaping) in this year’s review. By Jen Bernstein

Pot and the NFL
Will the National Football League ever embrace cannabis as an alternative to addictive and dangerous opioids? Former players speak out. By Nathan Jackson and Dan Skye

The Brady Bunch
Step inside an award-winning marijuana-production facility in the Pacific Northwest run by master grower Brady Clausen, who shares the valuable lessons he’s learned from years of cultivating connoisseur-quality pot. By Stinkbud

Marijuana Election: 2016
Will historians look back on 2016 as the year that pot prohibition finally crumbled? We preview the upcoming election. By Russ Belville

High Times Interview: Melissa Etheridge
The legendary rocker headlined the Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup, where she sparked up a joint onstage and proudly declared her love for the plant. By Mary Jane Gibson

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