High Times Magazine #441 – October 2012


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Electrify Your Plants
A revolutionary new product allows you to “ground” your indoor plants, enhancing their potency and growth.

By Sgt. Pepper


Signs From the Vine
Our guy in Peru gets his head split open with the help of shamans and a three-ounce dose of ayahuasca.

By Bruce Northam


The Road to Redemption
Indoor growers have a lot to consider when building the perfect growroom. The benefits and applications of LEDs are now being reconsidered.

By Nico Escondido


To Dab or Not to Dab?
Extract experts weigh in on the pros, cons and possible dangers of butane hash oil.

By Bobby Black


Bash by the Bay
Our third HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in the San Francisco Bay area showcases the best buds from the world’s cannabis capital.


The HIGH TIMES Interview with Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd
Oil Can Boyd had one of the most fearsome pitching arms in baseball and depended on pot for his excellence.

By Mark Ribowsky

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