High Times Magazine #453 – October 2013


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Two Days by the Bay
Thousands attended the fourth High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco to join in celebrating California’s best buds.

We All Live In A Yayo Submarine
Does the idea of a cocaine submarine conjure a Scarface-like elegance in a nautical setting? The truth is these boats would make Captain Bligh’s vessel seem like a luxury cruiseliner.
By Craig Stephens

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Preview
Danny Danko travels to Holland for a sneak peek at the coffeeshops, pot strains and hash of the upcoming 26th High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Birth of Bubba Kush
The saga of Bubba Kush is a sweeping story, an epic tale of growers meeting and cross-breeding their prized possessions and, in time, creating a superstar.
By Dan Skye

Get Vent!
Cultivation correspondent Erik Biksa reveals techniques to control your growroom environment, keep heat to a minimum and produce more grams of pot per watt.

The New Synthetics
Chemists and pharmacologists have discovered the trick to making any psychedelic drug as powerful as LSD. Over 20 variants of these super-potent molecules are showing up on the street as “research chemicals”, designer drugs made in underground labs or ordered from grey-market suppliers over the Internet. And this is only the beginning.
By James L. Kent

HIGH TIMES Interview: Ross Rebagliati
In 1998, Ross Rebagliati was the first to win Olympic Gold for the new category of snowboarding; he then found himself in the middle of a scandal when he tested positive for pot.
By Joe Giambrone

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