High Times Magazine #477 – October 2015


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NorCal Knockout
High Times returned to San Francisco for our 20th Cannabis Cup on American soil and our sixth by the Bay. Check out the Cup highlights!
By Mike Hughes

Pot Jobs Report 2015
The increase in legalized medical and recreational marijuana means more ways to earn a living in the cannabis industry. Here’s how.
By Emma Johnson

The Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment
Cannabis author and edibles expert Elise McDonough puts four popular methods for making cannabutter to the test in an attempt to discover, once and for all, which one is really the most efficient at capturing every last molecule of THC.

Goin’ With the Ebb & Flow
At BUDS in Pasco, Washington, an ingenious grower has developed an innovative ebb-and-flow hydro system that produces consistently great ganja. It’s a new approach to hydroponics.
By Dan Skye

Plant Diseases by Jorge Cervantes
Renowned marijuana expert Jorge Cervantes details the diseases that can affect your plants, including causes, potential damage, and how to spot them early on, as well as prevention and controls. This excerpt from The Cannabis Encyclopedia will help keep your pot plants safe and thriving.

Motor City Marijuana
When activist John Sinclair was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1969 for giving two joints to an undercover cop, it touched off a pro-pot movement that thrives to this day in Michigan. Can marijuana cure what ails Detroit?
By Chris Simunek

The HIGH TIMES Interview: Mel Frank
In the early 1970s, Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal published their groundbreaking cultivation book The Marijuana Grower’s Guide. Its message was simple: Anyone could grow pot at home that was as good as or better than the imports you bought from your dealer.
By Chris Simunek

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