High Times Magazine #501 – October 2017


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2017 Pot Jobs Report 

Cannabis has become the country’s fastest-growing industry, and employment opportunities abound. Find out how you can get involved! By Jen Bernstein  

Kush Gets Serious
A legendary seed-breeding company has released a new strain that’s turning heads around the world. Find out the methods Serious Seeds used to produce a bold new variety. 

Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis
Learn the secrets to growing the best pot on Earth from the experienced farmers of Humboldt County. Veteran cultivators reveal their techniques for producing sustainable, all-natural marijuana. By Danny Danko

The Crimes of Reefer Madness
Government propaganda played an enormous role in pushing the prohibition of cannabis onto an unsuspecting public. We examine the true-crime cases that were used to create reefer madness. By Mona Zhang

Weed in Wine Country
Cannabis lovers, growers and ganjapreneurs assembled for a three-day celebration in Sonoma County, CA to savor and share the region’s best weed at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup. By Mary Jane Gibson

The High Times Interview: Doug Stanhope
Comedian Doug Stanhope joins Johnny Depp for an exclusive conversation on stand-up comedy, cannabis, creativity, fame and more.    

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