High Times Magazine #513 – October 2018


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Pot Jobs Report 
Our yearly exploration of the cannabis industry breaks down the marijuana job market and offers advice on how to find a cannabis career that’s right for you. By Jen Bernstein  

Pro Tips for Trimming 
Learn the methods for a successful harvest from the pros, with an emphasis on proper trimming techniques. Plus, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of wet and dry trimming. By Kyle Colpack 

Growing Legal in Hawaii
Medical marijuana patients in the 50th state can finally go to a dispensary to purchase their cannabis. Take a trip inside one of the first state-licensed cultivation facilities in Hawaii and learn how they grow clean pot in a sustainable fashion. By Danny Danko

2018 STASH Awards
Our cultivation department scoured the globe to find the world’s greatest cannabis production equipment. We reveal our list of favorites for bigger yields and heavier harvests. By Danny Danko

Election Guide 2018
Voters can keep the marijuana momentum moving forward as medical and recreational cannabis measures are on the ballot in several states this year. Learn more about this election’s pertinent pot initiatives. By Russ Belville

The HT Interview: Charlie Sheen 
Nearly a decade has passed since Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men and introduced the world to “Tiger Blood.” Now committed to a healthier lifestyle, Sheen is embracing cannabis. By Mary Jane Gibson 

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