High Times Magazine #452 – September 2013


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The 15th Annual S.T.A.S.H. Awards
After scouring hydroponic trade shows, indoor micro-gardens and full-sized warehouse mega-grows, the High Times cultivation department reveals its picks for grow gear of the year.

Meet the Parents
A growing number of parents are speaking out about treating their children with pot. Brave Mykayla is Oregon’s youngest medical marijuana patient. Find out how she is fighting leukemia with the aid of cannabis oil.
By Elise McDonough

Bigger Plants, Better Yields
From larger plant containers, to smart pruning techniques, to deploying a simple trellis system, getting bigger yields from your garden come harvest time isn’t a matter of pure luck, but one of simple science.
By Nico Escondido

Top Glass
The art of glassblowing has been thoroughly transformed by an elite crew of artists who combine form and function to produce outstanding pipes and bongs that are also breathtaking displays of artistry.
By Dan Skye

Jamaican Harvest Tour
Ever bought a bag of herb on the beach in Negril? Find out how it got there and follow a journey that starts in the ghettos of Kingston and ends in the lush herb fields of Westmoreland parish.
By Chris Simunek

HIGH TIMES Interview: Redman
Two decades ago, Redman first appeared on our cover, and since then the rapper, actor and record producer has proven to be a worthy choice—as well as a stalwart supporter of marijuana rights.
By Dan Skye & Danny Danko

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