High Times Magazine #464 – September 2014


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2014 S.T.A.S.H Awards
Our cultivation department’s picks for pot growing gear of the year, from simple and affordable ways to get started to advanced systems aimed at the expert indoor horticulturist.
The Truth About Molly
What is it? Where did it come from? Is it dangerous? Is it even MDMA? Making sense of the club drug phenomena.
By James L. Kent
Subcool’s Big Outdoor Growing Adventure
Team Green Avenger (TGA) member TC details famous American bud breeder Subcool’s newest attempts to grow outdoors under the great big grow light in the sky.
Inside the Marijuana Mineshaft
What would you do you do with a deserted silver mine? One Colorado grower turned a century-old mineshaft into a veritable goldmine!
By Dan Skye
Can Hemp Stop Global Warming?
Cannabis hemp offers theoretically viable solutions to several, if not all, of the primary causes of climate change.
By Mark Miller
HIGH TIMES Interview: Henry Rollins
Author, actor, and fabled former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins explains why he doesn’t smoke pot—and why he wants you to be legally able to.
By Polly Watson

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