High Times Magazine #476 – September 2015


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Electric Sunshine
These days we have LEDs as well as plasma, ceramic and induction lamps. But how do you determine which ones are best for your bud? Here’s the definitive grower’s guide to the latest lighting technologies.
By Nico Escondido

2015 S.T.A.S.H. Awards
The High Times Cultivation Department reveals our annual list of outstanding pot-production products. From growboxes and lighting to nutrients and concentrate-extraction equipment, check out our expert picks for the best grow gear of the year.

The Green Zone
A veteran of the Afghan war relives the terror and tedium that characterized his tour of duty – and reveals how smoking the local cannabis and hash helped ease the stress of combat for his band of brothers.
By Jack Porter

Seeds of Desire
Led by the master breeder known as Swerve, the Cali Connection started off as one of the first seed companies in the United States. Get an inside look at a true superstar of the American cannabusiness scene.
By Dan Skye

Cloning by Jorge Cervantes
Healthy clones are the key to successful harvests. In this excerpt from his comprehensive new Cannabis Encyclopedia, grow guru Jorge Cervantes brings to light all of his tips and tricks for properly rooting cuttings.

The HIGH TIMES Interview: George Jung
George Jung – immortalized by Johnny Depp in the movie Blow – is perhaps the most famous drug smuggler America ever produced. We caught up with him after he was released from federal prison, after serving nearly 20 years for smuggling pot.
By Chris Simunek

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