High Times Magazine #488 – September 2016


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Tweeding the Garden
The largest producer of medical cannabis in Canada has set up shop in a former Hershey factory. The treats that now come forth from Tweed’s facility are just as popular as chocolate. By Dan Skye


2016 S.T.A.S.H. Awards
Our picks for grow gear of the year, from lighting and nutrients to pest control and harvesting. Get the facts on all of the latest products that can lessen your workload while increasing your yields.


Cannabis Regeneration
Here’s an innovative technique to keep your pot plant alive after you’ve finished flowering them. This excerpt from Cannabis Regeneration shows how to reuse the roots of your plans to reap more uds. By JD Haze


The Mainstreaming of Psychedelics
Recognition of the value of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is finally seeping into the public consciousness. A look into the ongoing research using psychedelics as treatment for PTSD and devastating anxiety heralds a whole new era of psychoactive healing. By Natalie Ginsberg


A first-person guide to the growing trend of microdosing, a way to enhance your quality of life with some DIY hallucinogenic therapy. By Tommy Smith


The HIGH TIMES Interview: Peaches
We talk weed, women and song with the uber-influential musician, performance artist and gender provocatrix. By Amanda Duarte

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