High Times Magazine #512 – September 2018


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Beyond Buds: Next Generation

Grow guru Ed Rosenthal returns to the pages of High Times with an excerpt from his new book on cannabis concentrates. In this selection, Ed highlights the basics of dabbing and delves into techniques for making rosin. 

Strongest Concentrates on Earth
We’re taking a look at the most potent concentrates ever entered in our Cannabis Cup competitions. These dabs pack a punch! Find out who had the strongest hash in the world! By Nico Escondido

Concentrating in the Garden

Traits that are desirable in cannabis for consumption are different than those desired for extraction. Learn how to tailor a cannabis crop for concentrates. By Sean Black 

710 Awards
July 10 is National Hash Oil Day and to celebrate we’re honoring the luminaries of the past and visionaries of the present in our first annual 710 Awards.  

Troubleshooting for Beginners 
Pot farmers just getting started need to recognize and deal with problems as they arise. We break down several common growroom maladies and how to mitigate them to maintain success. By Stoney Tark

Valley High
The first-ever, completely legal cannabis event in the country allowed attendees to purchase up to an ounce of pot. Get an inside look at this historic Cup! By Mike Hughes

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