High Times Magazine #516 – January 2019


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The State of Extracts 
Cannabis concentrates have come a long way in a short time. Get an insider’s view on the state of concentrates as well as the most popular extraction methods currently on the market. By Dave Malone

Tips On Organic Grow Mediums 
Healthy roots lead to stronger plants and the medium you choose can improve essential oil production. We reveal the best clean and green options. By Stoney Tark

MOB Rules 
Learn the intoxicating secrets of growing and smoking a powerful indica cannabis strain from legendary bud breeders T.H. Seeds called MOB or Mother of Berries. By Green Born Identity 

Reefer Madness Comics
We examine how cannabis was depicted in comics from the early days of prohibition in this excerpt that collected the best illustrated pot propaganda from the 1930s through the 60s. By Craig Yoe 

Midwest Cannabis Cup
High Times returns to Michigan to host an epic Midwest Cup. Check out all the highlights as well as the winning pot, hash, edibles and more! By Ab Hanna

An Interview with Richard Prince
Renown artist Richard Prince has a new collection of drawings titled “High Times.” Learn about his creative process and his new cannabis venture. By Bill Powers

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