Pot Smoker’s Activity Book


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You’re high . . .now what?
From HIGH TIMES magazine, the world’s leading authority on getting stoned, this totally amazing book is packed with hours of activities, games, and puzzles for stoners and their friends.

Coloring time!
Spot the narc
Stoner crossword puzzles
How to host a ganja dinner party
10 bands that sound better stoned
Big questions to ponder while high
Cottonmouth cocktails
Stoner says…
How to give yourself dreadlocks
How to French inhale
How to make a stash box
Connect the – whoa! – connect the dots
High-ku poetry
Test your high I.Q.
How to conceal your smoke
Find the stash ABCs of stoner slang
Toker poker
Ztoner zodiac zigns
Nuggets of wisdom
Cannabis carols

…And many more ganja-riffic amusements to spark your imagination!

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