A Melody of Flavors: Bhang x The Blues Brothers Chocolate Bar Review

Unique flavors and texture experiences make Bhang x The Blues Brothers Chocolate Bars memorable and delicious.
Courtesy of Bhang

Suddenly feeling the itch to break out in song? Got the blues bug? Look no further. Bhang collaborated with The Blues Brothers for the first time last November to deliver nostalgia-inducing Bhang x The Blues Brothers Cannabis-infused Chocolates, with unique textures and very unusual flavors.

Together, they provide unique gifts that are likely to pull the heartstrings of die-hard comedy fans with a truly special collaboration, with marketing and promotional support to the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit cannabis reform initiative.

The packaging is adorned with artwork that depicts the original Blues Brothers duo: the late John Belushi as well as Dan Aykroyd. Belushi, who starred as “Joliet” Jake Blues, and Aykroyd, who starred as his brother Elwood, comprised the duo of one of the first Saturday Night Live sketches to come to life on the big screen in 1980—clocking in second at the box office, after only The Empire Strikes Back.

In The Blues Brothers feature film, the brothers go to Soul Food Cafe, a diner, and are attended to by the owner, Mrs. Murphy, played by the legendary Aretha Franklin. Jake orders four whole fried chickens (!) and a Coke while Elwood orders dry white toast—hence the reasons for the two flavors provided by Bhang, Fried Chicken & Cola Dark Chocolate and White Toast White Chocolate.

It ended up being Franklin’s first and only fictional film role over the course of her whole career, and it’s self-explanatory why Bhang went in this creative direction for this line of cannabis-infused edibles.

Since many people today still have the film nearly memorized, let’s take a deeper look at these unique, Blues Brothers-themed edibles. The collaboration is inspired at its roots by two brothers who are on a mission to fight for what matters most to them. High Times wolfed down a few bars to experience them ourselves.

Courtesy of West Grown

Fried Chicken & Cola Dark Chocolate

Trust us—this bold, rich flavor is unusual, but exhilarating. And yes, it actually tastes like cola and fried chicken for a strangely satisfying taste that sort of reminds us of sweet and savory dishes like chicken and waffles. But by far, the best part of this bar was the cornflake crunch, which weirdly, perfectly matches the cola/chicken-flavored chocolate. 

Our sample contained 100mg of total THC, at 10mg per dose; however dosages in Bhang products in general depend on the state you live in, given the variations in regulations. Dive into the flavor of this unique, cannabis-infused, vegan dark chocolate with quality you can taste. Bhang’s master chocolatier covered crispy corn flakes in a bittersweet blend of 58 percent cacao dark chocolate for the perfect melody of salty and sweet. 

The dark chocolate tastes high-quality, being rich but not overbearing and giving you the full flavor of chocolate. And with the cola and friend chicken flavor, it’s definitely something new for most consumers, but also something that will generate laughs.

Fried Chicken & Cola Dark Chocolate is also gluten-friendly for the health-conscious consumer, so it’s a wise snack for the gluten-intolerant.

Courtesy of West Grown

White Toast White Chocolate

If you’re a bit less adventurous, we recommend sticking to the tried-and-true White Toast White Chocolate bar, which has more of a traditional, white chocolate flavor. This flavor of the bar also contains 100mg of total THC, at 10mg per dose.

Bhang’s cannabis-infused white chocolate bar is expertly embedded with crispy rice puffs that make the edible much more interesting. The blend of creamy white chocolate and caramelized rice puffs provides a unique sensory experience, which was the intention all along.

This bar contains croquant—a crispy French invention—made of rice and caramelized sugar that provides a crunch equal to that of the cornflakes in the other Blues Brothers chocolate offering. It’s a texture comparable to pralines or toffee. The White Toast White Chocolate bar is also gluten-friendly.

Both chocolates, like many other edibles, took about an hour to fully kick in. So titration is important, as it is with any other cannabis-infused edible.

Bhang x The Blues Brothers Cannabis-Infused Chocolates are available at select California retailers.

Courtesy of West Grown

The Blues Brothers Legacy

Both Jim Belushi, who now often takes over for his late brother, and Aykroyd are actively involved in the cannabis community through various ongoing pursuits and appearances—especially Belushi. Sometimes, they assume the beloved roles of The Blues Brothers. Belushi performs as “Zee Blues.”

In 2015, Belushi dove head-first into Oregon’s cannabis industry, immersing himself in the process of creating his extensive cannabis cultivation operation Belushi’s Farm. It wasn’t long before Discovery got involved and launched the series Growing Belushi

Belushi’s Farm offers strains like Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica, a rarity from the Hindu Kush region that became known in the ’70s as “The Smell of SNL,” and various Reddit threads from former SNL guests confirm that those smells are indeed common on the set, even today. 

While there are celebrity-backed cannabis brands everywhere, few stars are as involved with the business model as much as Belushi. Since then, in interviews, Belushi has become intimate at times, and once indicated that he thinks his brother would be alive today, had he stuck to cannabis only.

Dedicated to cannabis since the beginning of his journey, Belushi now has a reputable cannabis brand that features strains from his farm, is a board member for The Last Prisoner Project, and provided the latest Blues Brothers-themed collaboration with Bhang and its line of cannabis-infused chocolate. Belushi is involved at nearly every stage of the process.

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