Advice And Things You Should Think About Before Setting Up Your Grow Room

How to Optimize Your Grow Room Setup & Design
Courtesy of Spectrum King

You probably know people who will tell you “how it’s done”. Setting up a grow room has many ways of being done and more opinions than truths out there. You have to ask yourself some basic questions such as:

  1. How much space can I commit to this project?
  2. How much time can I commit to this project?
  3. How much money am I willing to spend on this project?

With those answers now you have to ask yourself some more questions like:

  1. What do I intend to grow in this grow room?
  2. What is my reason for growing this/these plant/s?

These are a lot of questions, but the whole point is to narrow it down and be sure of your answers so that you will succeed and truly enjoy the experience. A quick search on Google, YouTube, other online sources, apps, friends, or acquaintances will bring you more information than you can digest; just filter it down to those questions above and remember cool things you saw along the way or things that didn’t make sense to you.

Why remember things that didn’t make sense to you? Because it doesn’t mean that they’ll always evade you, and as your experience grows you’ll have those aha moments and go, “so that’s what that is” or “now I know why it’s done like that” and it will tie things together for you.

How to Optimize Your Grow Room Setup & Design
Courtesy of Spectrum King

Moving On

Now that you’ve got a clearer set of answers to guide you on your reason for setting up your own grow room, let’s touch on the non-negotiable aspects of it: live plants, lights, environmental conditions, nutrients, pots or tables or benches or beds or full systems like deep water culture, aeroponic, or other grow media.

There is no “one size fits all” scenario in setting up your grow room but you do need those things. What crop or crops? What is their preferred set of conditions? Have you studied them and know what they need?

Even those who have been around this industry for a very long time are still a student of it and love new breakthroughs and technology. It is always great being taught a new way to get ridiculous yields.

How to Optimize Your Grow Room Setup & Design
Courtesy of Spectrum King

Whether you want to grow cleaner leafy greens, wheatgrass, orange trees or your very own sleep aid to alleviate pain and discomfort in your grow room knowing why you’re doing it makes it all the more fun and rewarding. Whether you like soil, coco coir, rockwool, aquaponics or the others mentioned earlier you’ll need to give your plants a solid and reliable light source along with the right environmental conditions and feed.

Whether a small space or a massive structure, Spectrum King LED has the right lights for the job. See for yourself at

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