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Almost everyone who has toked in life can recall the first time. For some of us, like me, it was a joint passed at a beach party. For most of my friends, it was a bong, hookah or water pipe passed with some lovely crown of herbs waiting to be lit.

That feeling is never quite the same, and I know for myself, it actually got better over time as access to quality herb has become more readily available. For us at AlphaPuff, each of us on staff couldn’t wait to get all the different new products that came to market; they were all pretty much the same thing—the latest, smallest, newest, hottest vaporizer.

There’s pens, table top varieties, mini vapes that look like the original Motorola cell phones our parents had in the eighties, just missing the gigantic battery-housed briefcases, all the way to the ultra sleek, super high-tech handheld vaporizers that cost a car note! It all made us wonder, where’s the love for the most classic way of smoking: the water pipe? All over the world humans have been smoking in this classic way, and we quite honestly, got a little nostalgic.


This is what brought us to the evolution of the AlphaPuff Kit.

We, as stoners ranging in age from our late twenties to early forties, wanted that fun, instant blast-to-the-head high when you take the first toke off a perfectly made pipe. We also got tired of the fact that enjoying a nice water pipe session could be a precarious process—carefully handling and passing glass at all levels of highness isn’t always the easiest thing to do and often has consequences. Everyone knows the sheer moment of horror that flashes before you when a water pipe is spilled… or worse, breaks.

This set us on our quest to make an awesome water pipe, that was not only (nearly) indestructible, but portable and most important—easy to clean. We also figured it’d be nice to have storage spots for our herb stash, a grinder to put it into action, filters, papers and places to store rolled cones if we prefer a joint instead of a hit. Plus, it has it’s own turbo torch butane lighter, which can heat any joint, bowl or dab to exactly the right temperature.

One other thing that drives us nuts with all the smoking accessories we’ve bought lately was the price. With the average new mini-vape pen starting at $69 bucks and higher, it seems kind of steep for every day smokers—which is why at $59, we really hope you all enjoy the AlphaPuff Kit! Give classic toking a try, with the Recognized Standard quality products only available from AlphaCAT Labs.

Stay blazed!

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