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Chances are, if you’re a smoker, you have heard of Randy’s. Randy’s started in 1975 with the production of their innovative Wired Rolling Papers. These papers have a stainless steel wire inside making them super easy to roll, pass, and smoke. For the past 43 years, Randy’s has been working hard—and succeeding—at creating innovative products for smokers. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner, the official cleaner of Illadelph Glass, is the fastest working liquid glass cleaner on the market. But have you heard about the world’s only freezable tube vaporizer? Randy’s has really done something special with the chill.

Randy’s Chill

The chill is the only vaporizer in the world with a freezable tube. Think of it as an ice catcher for your vape, but without the mess. The chill is a premium 2-in-1 vaporizer, so whether you want to vape flower or concentrates, the chill has you covered. We spoke with Randy’s about the idea for the freezable tube.

Beat The Heat With The Chill: The Freezable Tube Vaporizer

Courtesy of Randy’s

“If you look at almost every vaporizer on the market, the point where the herb/concentrate is heated is way too close to where the user draws in the hit,” they said. “This gives no time for the vapor or smoke to cool. With the freezable tube the smoke/vapor is cooled almost instantly as it travels towards the user. We like taking massive rips, but hate coughing after, thus came the Randy’s chill”.

We have to agree. The chill cools the smoke to the perfect temperature so you can experience the full flavor of your flower, and not cough up a lung.

The Coolest Features

For even colder hits, Randy’s has taken the chill to the next level with the Randy’s icicle. This extended 5.5” hand blown freezable tube elevates your hits to Mount Everest levels. This mouthpiece offers an additional 3” of freezable glass. The icicle is sold separately but is an absolute must-have for your chill. For a limited time, Randy’s is offering a free icicle with every chill purchased when you enter coupon code HTicicle at checkout on ($30 MSRP value)!

Beat The Heat With The Chill: The Freezable Tube Vaporizer

Courtesy of Randy’s

Aside from the freezable tube, the Randy’s chill is packed with all kinds of cool features. The chill comes with a dual quartz coil for concentrates, and a ceramic dish for dry herb; both of which feature a quartz cup. The chill also comes with an aqua bubbler mouthpiece for portable water filtration! It’s great for when you don’t have time to freeze your tube as it still delivers filtered hits. In the bottom of the chill, there is also a unique storage compartment for the alternative included coil, as well as an all-purpose metal tool. Swapping between your coils has also never been easier than with the chill’s revolutionary magnetic coil chamber. Just pop out the magnetic chamber, and quickly swap the coils with unprecedented ease. This also makes cleaning your coils a breeze, as you have easier access to the spent material.

The chill caught our attention and we are glad Randy’s is doing something different in an oversaturated market of cookie cutter vaporizers. Make sure to follow @Randyswired on Instagram and @Randyspapers on Facebook for more updates from Randy’s. From the box to all the built-in features of the chill, this vaporizer is a must-have and definitely something that we are going to put into daily rotation. If you want to pick up your own Randy’s chill, you can right here and remember to enter coupon code HTicicle to get your free Icicle!