Best Concentrate Atomizer—The Molecule

Will the Molecule be the answer to all your concentrate needs?
Best Concentrate Atomizer—The Molecule
Courtesy of Advanced Vape Supply

Meet the Molecule: a 15mm rebuildable concentrate atomizer, in design since 2014, that uses flattened SS316L coils inside a quartz cup to vaporize any cannabis-derived extract.

The coils are stainless steel, allowing the user to employ temperature control to customize their own personal experience. Myriad published charts show the boiling points of known cannabinoid terpenes and their effects. Temperature control, guided by these charts, can help take your happy vaping to the next level by allowing you to choose whether you want a more cerebral or physical experience, including how energizing or sedating that should be.

Perhaps more important than “experience,” however, is the safety of design and product being used in the device.


Atomizers that yield hazardous materials and are usually poor in design. Unfortunately, they have flooded the market. This epidemic is due to the general lack of consumer knowledge.  Thankfully, Advanced Vape Supply has brought us a remedy.

Best Concentrate Atomizer—The Molecule
Courtesy of Advanced Vape Supply


You want a device that maintains accurate temperature for many reasons, one being that oils can reach combustion if the hardware makes it too hot. When something surpasses it’s combustion temperature, it becomes carcinogenic. This is unsafe and increases your risk of serious health complications, which defeats the main reason for vaping—health.

Additionally, temperature control prevents overheating terpenes in the concentrate and causing the formation of harmful byproducts such as formaldehyde, methacrolein, and benzene. At 221ºC (430ºF), however, you vaporize over 98 percent of the active components of the concentrate, but at a safe temperature.

Research shows that silicone generates formaldehyde at temps above 149ºC (300ºF).  Delta9-THC alone boils at 155ºC (311ºF). The terpene boiling points of our interest, reach 220ºC (428ºF) for THCV and CBC.  Therefore, we believe that the poor heat resistance of silicone is not to be underestimated in terms of triggering potential health issues.

Some vaporizers have plastic mouthpieces directly above the heating element that can melt from high temps and release VOCs, POMs, or dioxides.


These and other issues were taken into account when creating the Molecule. Advanced Vape Supply wanted to build lasting relationships with their clients by ensuring their product offers a clean, user friendly, and cost efficient experience product with the Molecule.

Best Concentrate Atomizer—The Molecule
Courtesy of Advanced Vape Supply

One of the many innovations in design to address these problems was the use of nontoxic, nonstick, and odorless fluorocarbon O rings. Fluorocarbon is used in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing as well as processing applications. It is stronger than silicone with a much higher heat and chemical resistance, which is better for vaping concentrates that were solvent extracted.

Additionally, the Molecule’s cap is made of stainless steel with a threaded delrin mouthpiece that goes over the cap to insulate your lips from being exposed to high heat. This prevents any degradation and any possible inhalation of off-gassing.

Solder and glues are often used in devices to hold pieces together. These pose similar health risks. In fact, if you use any tank or device with disposable coil heads and it isn’t defined as being “rebuildable,” there’s a 99% chance you’re vaping glue and solder.

The Molecule by Advanced Vape Supply does not contain any of these toxic materials.

Versatile Performer

In addition to the safety concerns, AVS pays close attention to providing the best user experience by engineering the Molecule to suit different needs. The Premium 18k Gold Plated 304 Stainless Steel 510 center pin, post-less deck, posts, and post screws ensure durability and accuracy in Temperature control or wattage modes.

The compact 15mm size allows for discretion and ease of transport, especially when paired with a small mod like the Joyetech evic basic. However, despite its short stature, the Molecule performs better than larger atomizers. The flattened single coil is designed for optimum Temperature Control response while more effectively utilizing the surface area of the coil and reducing reclaim. Additionally, one can add a round coil and fc2000 ceramic wick for use with distillate or a cotton wick for flavor testing nicotine e-juice.

Keep Cool

Top airflow prevents leaks and clogging. Moreover, utilizing the quartz bowl as a heat refractory, the heat from the coil is pushed upwards to the top cap, but then cool air comes back down the airflow which aides to dissipate heat. Incoming airflow also creates a vortex and infuses with the inhaled vapor to provide smoother puffs.

Design elements dissipate heat in order to avoid overheating your battery and minimize thermal retention. Otherwise the concentrate will remain hot, thereby degrading flavor on subsequent puffs.

The Molecule also has a black, high temperature ceramic coating. The large quartz bowl itself is strong and can hold enough material to last for hours of casual, light use without reloading.

Finished Yet?

Advanced Vape Supply is still innovating and developing accessories, like a line of bubblers. Look forward to that, of course, but the next piece of kit is pure innovation. It’s set to be released in a couple of weeks.

AVS is coming out with another quartz cup which will rest on the coil and offer TC with a ramp time under three seconds. This will give an even more pure flavor from your cannabis extracts.


The Molecule is the most affordable concentrate atomizer on the market, due to its rebuildable nature and coils required to do so. AVS sells flattened pre-made coils for the molecule. You can also buy the wire itself and make your own coils, which is very easy to do.

Best Concentrate Atomizer—The Molecule
Courtesy of Advanced Vape Supply

The cost averages anywhere from $0.15-$1.50 depending on your choice. You can buy four new quad core fused coils, pre-flattened by AVS, for less than you would to change your coil once on most other devices.

The high performance of the Molecule and the design, which reduces reclaim, also helps ensure you vape every last drop of your concentrate. That benefit cannot be overstated.


With so many options in the world of concentrate vaporizers, it can be easy to receive bad information or waste money on devices that don’t work well and are potentially hazardous to your health! To help their customers have some peace of mind, AVS is having their wire and Molecule tested by a 3rd party laboratory and will publish the results as they come.

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