Best Smoking Subscription Box by Hemper

Hemper is the subscription box for the adventurous cannabis connoisseur.
Best Smoking Subscription Box by Hemper
Courtesy of Hemper

You’ve heard of subscription boxes ranging from wine-of-the-month to skincare products, but what about something to elevate your experience with the world’s favorite herb?

You know what you like. As a connoisseur of the cheeba, you have your sticky icky down to a science. You know just which types of glassware work best, which rolling papers help you roll cabbage like a boss, and the accessories you need to smoke like a chimney fueled by the devil’s lettuce itself.

So why even bother with a ‘smoking subscription box’ put together by a stranger?

Hemper hears you loud and clear. But they also know that there’s something to be said about the anticipation of surprises, testing new and innovative products, and exploring creative takes on old classics.

They also know that despite best efforts, these days your brain might end up as foggy as a bubbler in winter, leading you to forget the ‘glassentials’ you need and leaving you up a creek filled with bongwater, so to speak.

In other words, life is hectic these days. Work and responsibilities (ugh), often get the best of us, with little mental room left for making sure you have what you need.

Hemper’s range of smoking subscription boxes ensures you never want for anything, always having a fun and enjoyable stock of everything you need to enjoy your weed. After all, you deserve it.

Best Smoking Subscription Box by Hemper
Courtesy of Hemper

How do Hemper Subscription Boxes Work? 

Before you skip ahead to the smoke shop reviews, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with how these boxes actually work.

Picking Your Smoking Subscription Box

The right box is largely dependent on your personal preferences, as well as your smoking habits and goals. For example, those looking for the efficiency and reliability of always having a stock of their regular smoking essentials will enjoy the flexibility and consistency of the “glassentials” box. Those who love bongs and glassware, as well as experimenting with new and exciting conversation pieces, will love the Hemper Box.

One of the great things about Hemper is they cater to each individual, with the ability for subscribers to modify what’s included in each box to their personal preferences.

Select the Frequency

Subscription plans that work around your schedule and adapt to life’s unexpected interruptions. Hemper’s plans were designed to be as flexible as a gymnast, with options including the usual ‘month-to-month’ plan, and pre-paid plans with deliveries that come in 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions.

But that’s not all. Subscribers can adjust the delivery frequency to any custom schedule their ganja-filled lungs’ desire.

Reliable, Safe, and Discreet Shipping

With steps #1-2 now in the rearview, subscribers need only to kick back and relax while the team at Hemper works faster than elves prepping for the holiday season. Smoking boxes are all fun and games, but Hemper takes shipping seriously, using tried and true packaging techniques to ensure glassware and other breakables are safe and secure from their doorstep to yours. 

Despite the growing acceptance of weed by society as a whole, a certain social stigma still exists. Hemper takes great lengths to ensure the outside of their boxes are plain and discreet, keeping the prying eyes of noisy neighbors or intrusive bosses at bay.

Boasting over 12,500+ positive reviews, this subscription box is one that avid smokers won’t want to miss out on.

Best Smoking Subscription Box by Hemper
Courtesy of Hemper

Monthly Themed Boxes

If there is one thing that makes Hemper stand out, it is the creative curation of monthly featured items and products, combined with an incredible value.

Each box comes packed tighter than your last bowl, full of smoking products, accessories and devices that elevate each session more than your last heady sativa.

Each month, Hemper’s team curates a themed box, usually based on the season or an upcoming holiday. Other themes include collaborations with cannabis influencers, celebrities and artists.

If there is one thing subscribers can count on, it’s that the Glassentials box will always surprise and never under-deliver.

Starting at a highly affordable and accessible price point of $39.99, each box is valued at $100+ of goods. When it comes to getting the most ‘bang(er)” for your buck, it’s hard to do better than Hemper.

What’s in the Box?

Each “Glassentials” box comes with that month’s select high-quality glass piece, including an artisan bowl and banger. But that’s not all. Each delivery also includes an assortment of the ‘essentials’, including but not limited to a robust selection of CBD cigarillos, Hemper cleaning and maintenance products (such as wipes and sprays), assorted cones, filter tip booklets, and more.

Overview / Recap:

  • Unique artesian, branded, and themed items
  • Special promotional pieces
  • More than 2x the value ($100+ in each box for just $39.99)
  • High-quality items hand-selected by industry professionals 
  • An unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence
  • A true ‘experience’ gift for yourself or others
  • Customizable contents 
  • Flexible subscriptions or 1-time orders
  • Discreet packaging 
Best Smoking Subscription Box by Hemper
Courtesy of Hemper

The “Hemper XL”

Because sometimes, BIGGER really is BETTER.

With the Hemper XL, the company took everything that was great about the original “Glassentials” box and supersized it. Packing even more of everything you love, this box is on a whole other level.

Just like the original Hemper Box, this subscription brings users a unique and exciting themed assortment of that month’s hand-picked pieces, accessories and smoking supplies.

Featuring a larger themed or specialty bong, and an assortment of interesting and useful items, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible value of the “XL”.

Overview / Recap:

  • Unique artesian, branded, and themed items
  • Special promotional pieces (including larger glassware)
  • At $150 this package offers $200+ in retail value
  • Each month features a unique curated selection of items
  • A true ‘experience’ gift for yourself or others
  • Customizable to suit your needs
  • Flexible subscriptions or 1-time orders
  • Discreet packaging

What’s New from Hemper?

Hemper is not a company known for resting on its laurels and basking in the success of its already popular product lines. This year Hemper adds something fans of the brand have been asking for…CBD products!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you’ve no doubt noticed the explosion in CBD products on both physical and digital store shelves. Yet, finding a reliable, affordable supply of high-quality CBD is still a challenge for many.

Now, customers of Hemper can get the CBD they love, right along with their other orders, all from a brand they know and trust to always do right by its customers.

About Hemper

Hemper is a leading online headshop specializing in high-quality smoking-related products and accessories at an incredible value. Known for innovation and collaborative launches, Hemper has released some of the most talked-about glassware and pipes in the industry, along with its own line of highly acclaimed essential products.

Whether shopping for yourself, or that special stoner in your life, Hemper offers a wide range of unique, creative and exciting gifts that can elevate your experience and reinvigorate your relationship with cannabis.

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