Cannabis Church Goes High Tech in Orlando, Florida

The Reflections Show is taking cannabis-inspired spirituality to the next level.
Cannabis Church Goes High Tech
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A new cannabis-inspired multi-sensory experience in Orlando, Florida is blending music, light, live performers, and theatrical effects with a spiritual message about overcoming life’s obstacles. The production, titled “The Reflections Show,” was created by cannabis advocate and technology artist Joseph Andrew.

As the owner and visionary of “The Reflections Show,” Andrew has set out to create an experience that is both uplifting and cathartic. To do this, he combines his message with an audio-visual production that includes elements such as music, live performances, and state-of-the-art lighting effects.

“I saw there was a void in lighting productions at cannabis churches so I wanted to design something from the heart that had a lot of programming behind it, so you can really feel the energy of the technology and our message,” says Andrew. “The main goal is to create a fundamental mind shift in the way people think and treat each other by using mega-church technology.”

Joseph Andrew

Addressing the Stigma Around Cannabis

Andrew believes that the experience has the power to change people’s attitudes about marijuana and how it can be incorporated into a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

“We are breaking the stigmas surrounding cannabis by creating an all-inclusive haven molded by a new generation of conscious minds,” Andrew says about the mission of the Reflections ministry.Without a plan, the best ideas are only dreams and at Reflections ministry, it becomes a place of opportunity, guidance, and transformation. There is no greater value in life than our passion that we possess deep within and our belief in the power of plant healing alternatives. Thus, we are using state of the art technology, light, and sound to bring spirituality and plant culture together.”

Joseph Andrew

High Tech Production

Augmenting the sensory experience with massage chairs and 3D glasses, the audience is treated to an artistic mix of intelligent lighting effects, video projection, transcendent music, and live performers including DJs, dancers, and acrobats. Further drama and excitement is added using digital theatrical effects including fog, foam, bubbles, and confetti. All this adds to the production value. Each show ends with a message of inspiration and personal growth from Andrew for those in attendance to contemplate.

To create the show, Andrew controls the lighting and other effects with advanced software and  high-tech lighting consoles.

“It takes hundreds of hours to execute the programming for a single song,” says

Andrew, “I’ve spent thousands of hours over the years just refining how it all interphases and comes together.”

Joseph Andrew

Ministry Plans to Support Local Community

Andrew already has ideas for the expansion of the Reflections ministry and is seeking sponsors and investors to help fuel its growth. Plans for the future include the construction of a cafe featuring plant-based comfort foods from Jaya Bressack. The venue will also be available to rent for seminars, weddings, video production, and other private events.

Andrew’s ministry also plans to support the local community by hosting fundraisers, food drives, and counseling services. A donation of 5 percent of the revenue raised will be donated to the advocacy group the Marijuana Policy Project to support its work fighting for the reform of cannabis laws.

Joseph Andrew

The Creator

Joseph Andrew is not your average tech-head. From a young age, he showed an uncanny aptitude for repairing electronics and seemed to naturally understand computer software and technology, while gravitating towards ambient lighting and electronic music. It wasn’t until later in life he discovered the ability to affect the energy in his environment using lighting and music which he would eventually master and choreograph down to the millisecond.

Joseph Andrew

Inspiration from Cannabis

Through his formative years, Joseph was able to connect with his creative side using cannabis, which he feels has been bestowed to us by a higher power. Cannabis provided him the strength needed to get through the hard times and realize his life’s purpose by creating something meant for everyone to enjoy. His favorite strains include Blue Dream, Juicy Fruit, AC/DC, Granddaddy Purple, Durbin Poison, Jack Herer, and White Widow.

Joseph Andrew


With either your investment, pledge, or sponsorship, Reflections will be given the opportunity to do more than grow; it will blast off into a new dimension of entertainment on par with many of today’s leading productions. One thing that sets this show apart from any others is its heart and soul, and its message of hope that inspires healing and transcendence. Without a doubt, this is an amazing opportunity for anyone to be involved with, a production that owns its potential to be ‘the next big thing’. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Joseph Andrew


Growing a movement like Reflections will create many wellpaying jobs in our community: videographers, editors, audio engineers, camera operators, lighting technicians, & front of house personell to name a few.

Reasons to get involved

  1. Reflections consist of over eight years of relentless research and development with 500K in investments.
  2. Years of sweat equity, huge sacrifices, passion for our project and the message it delivers that makes the audience part of the show.
  3. 5% of all donations will go directly to MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) in their efforts to continue changing the laws of prohibition. Also, we want to give back to the community in ways to enrich others and help them on their journey to enlightenment.
  4. They have already test-marketed their show to over 300 people bringing the change, hope, and unity that many are seeking.
  5. Reflections will help to break the stigma on cannabis, allowing more people to indulge in a safer, more educated, and responsible way.

Donations will go towards growth.

For serious inquiries, call Joseph Andrew – 407-731-0767

Click here to donate.

Click here for a virtual tour.

Non Profit EIN
83-1955065 – Reflections Arts & Culture, INC – Florida
7309 E Colorado Drive, Orlando, FL 32807


Joseph Andrew

The Future

In addition to being a place for finding inspiration, Reflections will open its doors to aerial yoga/meditation, weddings, private parties, filming, photography, musical events/bands, seminars.  There will be a plant-based café run by Jaya Bressack, who has over 15 years cooking experience, specializing in plant-based comfort food, and advanced menu for special events.

Continuing to develop as it breaks through its beta phase, Reflections will expand into a full-blown production with the addition of more lights, a larger theater, more performers and surround sound.

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