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CBDistillery Sheds Light on Using the Word ‘Organic’ in the Hemp Industry

The word “Organic” might be more loaded than you think.

CBDistillery Sheds Light on Using the Word 'Organic' in the Hemp Industry

websiteThe word “organic” is overused. And it often isn’t used correctly. What most people don’t know is the fact the term “organic” can only be applied to food and other agricultural products that have been certified by a national organic program. In the U.S., the USDA Organic Certification is the organization that can deem a food or product organic. And because it’s a federally recognized certification program, no federally illegal food, ingredients, or products can qualify. That includes all cannabis flowers, products, and derivatives of the plant—including hemp. So, although many growers of cannabis or hemp may have anti-pesticide and fertilizer-free practices, they can’t legally claim their products are “organic” because there’s no certification for the cannabis agricultural industry.

In an effort to uphold transparency, CBDistillery avoids using the word organic and aims to educate consumers about this technical verbiage. And it’s partly why CBDistillery has been successful in being more than just a supplier of CBD products. As a company for the people, they not only provide access to the highest quality CBD at affordable prices– they also aim to bring the truth about their side of the industry to consumers.

“Seeing an industry that overcharges consumers, we focused on becoming a company for the people by bringing the highest quality CBD to the world at affordable prices,” says Chase Terwilliger, CEO of CBDistillery. “Here at CBDistillery, our goal is to provide exceptional products and service, but to also offer access to education, research, and truthful testimonials.”

In an industry where everyone is trying to get ahead, it can be hard for consumers to know what companies are reliable. CBDistillery, however, is a brand you can depend on for a balance between quality and price. As one of the early brands to enter the CBD market, CBDistillery ran the gambit in terms of research and development, causing them to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing space. Their secret to their success is the fact they maintain a close connection with their customers, who are some of their greatest critics and advocates and have helped them become the business they currently are.

CBDistillery sheds light on the word organic

Courtesy of CBDistillery

The 10,000+ verified customer reviews on their website that speak to the quality, price and overall experience of being a CBDistillery customer. As a result, they don’t have to focus on upselling new customers, because the testimonials speak for themselves as an authentic and honest voice. It also speaks to the fact they’re leaders in the industry, working every day to innovate and inspire the direction of the #cbmovement™.

CBDistillery consistently provides a third-party test of all of their products to ensure each meets their quality standards. There are plenty of companies charging an arm and a leg for CBD products that contain very little CBD. CBDistillery is not one of them. They’re committed to consistently demonstrating transparency and fair, competitive market pricing within the industry.

Most CBDistillery customers use products to target a specific ailment. Without making direct medical claims, customer testimonials speak to the products’ effectiveness in reducing symptoms of various ailments. Recently, people are also realizing the long-term benefits of supplementing CBD daily, driving more consumers to CBDistillery products.

“There is growing scientific evidence showing that CBD provides balance within a key system of your body, called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS),” CBDistillery wrote in a blog post. It is responsible for sending out signals that regulate a whole host of vital day-to-day functions throughout the body. It does this using naturally-occurring cannabinoids that bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain, nervous, and immune systems.”

Thus, their product is ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their health side-effect free and naturally. All CBDistillery products can be purchased on their website, where you will also find a FREE twenty-four-page “Ultimate CBD User Guide” available for download. There are also various retail locations across the United States and the UK that carry CBDistillery products. You can find retail locations here.

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