Crystal By KandyPens: Proof That Big Things Come In Small Packages

The Crystal by KandyPen is a sleek and sophisticated way to dab on the go.
Crystal By Kandypens: Proof That Big Things Come In Small Packages
Courtesy of KandyPens

With the number of vaporizers flooding the market, brands must work harder than ever to stand out. Luckily, this variable arms race towards superiority has sparked innovation in an extraordinarily small window of time. With a massive surge of products and brands, there are more consumers than ever wondering if the price tag (and effort) are worthwhile. KandyPens’ new Crystal wax pen provides a solution to that concern.

The Crystal is made of stainless steel and is designed to withstand everyday bumps and bruises, making it an ideal travel buddy. The single button application means novice users can quickly adapt to all of its features—even taking apart the device for routine maintenance is a breeze. For anyone looking to conveniently medicate on the go, KandyPens has the right tool to help elevate your day.

Standing at about four inches tall with the weight of a roll of quarters, the Crystal’s battery pack features a universal 510 threading that fits any standard cartridge. But using the included atomizer with your favorite dabbable concentrate is where the Crystal really shines. The multi-light display illuminates different colors based on four voltage settings that determine the ceramic coil’s heat level, and the amount of vapor you want to inhale.

In terms of vapor, the Crystal experience provides some of the thinnest, tastiest vapor without needing a rig, blowtorch, and four walls to hide within. The “sesh mode” is perfect for the stoner who can’t be bothered with holding buttons—just two clicks and you’ve got 10 seconds of pure terpene-bliss without any hassles, open flames, or mess to clean.

Crystal By KandyPens: Proof That Big Things Come In Small Packages
Courtesy of KandyPens

To truly determine how magical, durable, and useful the Crystal is, we had to test it in the wild. So, we decided to bring it with us everywhere for two weeks. It was hard to say goodbye to the flowers we love so much, but it was a small price to pay in the name of science. So, with our stainless steel sidekick and a handful of cash, we ventured all over Southern California. From grandma’s house to the grocery store and everywhere in between—even to the Kind Music Festival in Palm Springs.

The best part about this pen is that it comes fully charged and ready for immediate use. After a few bowls of “trial and error” we mastered the proper combination of breathing techniques and concentrate ratio to find that mind-melting sweet spot. Though we sustained a few intense coughing attacks, the Crystal never burned our throat. In fact, it maintained a perfect temperature and kept the terpenes and flavonoids intact, making for a concentrated flavor-punch to the tastebuds.

As we beelined through festival crowds to get to the beer tent—while simultaneously loading another bowl—we came to a conclusion: the Crystal’s user-friendly interface, battery life, and flavorful delivery is what sets it apart from its competitors.

For us, anything that’s simple enough to use while navigating through a field of drunk people hopped-up on light beer isn’t just a winner—it’s also a necessity. Several hours and bowls later, my Crystal wasn’t just keeping the party going—it was facilitating euphoric vibes and making it rain good times. After a few more days of bringing my pen with me everywhere, the verdict was clear: the Crystal’s durable magic has earned it the title of hardware fit for concentrate royalty.

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