Fling: Finally A Dating Site Focused on Quality Users

Tired of fake pics? Fling's emphasis is getting users to verify their photos.


Have you found yourself enjoying a tasty Jeeter on a cold winter night but wishing you had a special someone to relax with? Maybe just a special connection or possibly a soulmate who shares your philosophy for living a life with no drama. That’s where Fling delivers.

Fling has built a like minded community of users that are positive, laid-back and inclusive. Quality profiles are the focus so users with verified photos, and filled out profiles, get better rankings. There are plenty of features that make it easy to match, connect, and see where it goes. Good times and great vibes ahead.

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Matches with common interests tend to stay together

Experts have agreed that having common interests is one of the most influential aspects of relationship compatibility. So whether you’re looking for a friend or someone to marry similar hobbies or other leisure activities like kicking back with a dab will make a better experience for you both. In fact, 64% of couples polled in one study said they believed having shared interests with their partner was the reason they had a successful relationship.Fling has profiles with interests front and center so you can find like minded people.

Fling makes it easy to try things out too because registering and communicating with matches is free. Sounds nice to match with someone who would enjoy kicking back and smoking or watching a movie, doesn’t it? Or someone who enjoys reading and good music? With interests front and center it will be easy to find just the right person.

How does Fling work?

Fling makes it super easy to get going. You can register in minutes and if you want to you can work directly with a live agent to get your photos verified. This will immediately increase the amount of activity your account gets greatly. With tons of search filter options, you can sort through other profiles for your next match. 

Fling also has a robust Match Game. You can adjust the filters so you can restrict the results to age, location and even hobbies. Fling lets you know if you’ve got a mutual match so you can reach out and kick things off with someone new.

The chat and video chat features help you to get to know a person before a date. Video chat 1 on 1 or in the chat rooms with many users just hanging out. There are all different kinds of rooms to browse through so you can find friends with common interests.

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Search for the interests that matter to you

Besides being able to choose from search filters like appearance, ethnicity, religion, marital status, income, and language you can also only show users who are online now, profiles with photos, or profiles with verified photos. Looking for users that are already online greatly increases the chances of getting a successful conversation going.

One of the other most popular search filters lets you search by what kind of relationship you’re looking for. This makes it simple and easy to connect with just a new friend or someone you might want to eventually tie the knot with.

What about finding other smoke enthusiasts? You can look for that in the list users put for their hobbies. For example, you could search for “blonde” and “smokes” to find people who have certain terms listed in their profiles. It’s an easy way to quickly connect with someone who shares your passion and interest in kicking back.

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Dating can be lower pressure and mellow

Dating can be stressful. Why make it worse by getting all worried about whether or not your connection will turn into something special or just an awkward first date? Skip the stress and use Fling to test the waters.

Have a virtual smoke sesh to hang with with your potential match without the pressure of an in-person meetup. Not only does it keep things low-key, but it also adds an extra layer of safety. Take a hit, share a laugh, and build that connection from the comfort of your favorite smoking spot.

Not up to a video chat? The normal chat features make it easy to mesh with someone new or share pictures without having to talk. No matter what you’re feeling, the chat and video chat features make it easy to connect without all the pressure.

There’s someone for everyone on Fling

Fling is the place to find real verified users and matches with similar interests and take them to the next level. There are over 1 million verified photos as of the time of this post. With a relaxed feel, great search options, and the added layer of safety from ways to connect through video and chat features, you could easily find a potential match or even a soulmate! So put that Hulu on pause and go find someone cool to take to the U2 concert at the Sphere… it’s epic! 😉


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