Float Like A Butterfly with DankeSuper This Summer

The latest collaboration of DankeSuper is an explosion of fruit flavor with Delta-8-THC.
Float Like A Butterfly with DankeSuper This Summer
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DankeSuper’s latest chapter of collaboration: DSquared8 by Ark presents an epicurean journey with magical beginnings in partnership with the “mushroom man” of the culinary world. Alan (Ark) Kaufman’s journey began in psychedelics to self-treat an “incurable” case of narcissistic personality disorder and depression to the creation of acclaimed gourmet mushroom farm (Shibumi Farm). “As the premier supplier of exotic edible mushrooms I have been afforded the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned, inspirational culinary talent. Our DSquared8 fruit squares (pate de fruit) are a celebration of that experience,” Ark reflects.  

The result is an explosion of fruity flavor capable of integrating with cannabis or mushroom extracts without being overwhelmed. A functional, gourmet experience capable of making you float like a butterfly with Delta-8 THC or sting like a bee with lion’s mane.

“My interest in growing mushrooms, and the techniques I developed to grow gourmet mushrooms started with the psychedelics. For these pate, I originally intended to create a platform to integrate full spectrum hemp and mushrooms that tasted better than gummies without it. Then people kept telling me they love it, but could I add some THC. Delta-9 THC always made me anxious as I aged and there were legal considerations. Delta-8 offered me a different, more mellow experience, and a chance to legally meet that demand. I’ve been giggling at British Sitcoms ever since.”

Delta-8 THC has been garnering significant attention recently in that it’s a psychoactive cannabinoid (i.e. gets you high) that is fully derived from hemp (CBD). As a result, it falls under a legal gray area in that it’s not explicitly federally illegal (an honor exclusive to Delta-9 THC in marijuana).

Delta-8 offers a particularly mellow high, users often experience a relaxed and somewhat elated state with less of a tendency towards paranoia or feeling “out of control.” DankeSuper’s DSquared8 are offered in a rotating variety of terpene profiles with a tendency towards sativa profiles to balance and enhance Delta-8’s more mellow high. Additionally, the fruit squares are offered in a 1:1 Delta-8 CBD format offering the perfect combo to transform you into a giggly zen like state. 

DankeSuper Offers a Cannabinoid Worth Experiencing

“DSquared8 is a natural extension of DankeSuper’s collaborative approach to explore new ideas while remaining authentic. It extends beyond the ethnobotanical into the ethnoecological, providing a gateway into the fungi kingdom through our partnership with White Rabbit Myco-Technology,” explains Danke Super Founder, Daniel Kaufman.

“After a long, harsh year we really craved a luxurious, sumptuous experience that delivered more than just a relaxed state. The Pate de Fruit were designed to provide us with a small batch, artisanal, creative platform to integrate cannabinoids, mushrooms and other phytochemical compounds. We nailed it down to a science, and Delta-8 offered an exciting opportunity to integrate a cannabinoid worth experiencing. Hopefully we one day evolve into an environment where it’s possible to offer both psychoactive and psychedelic fruit squares.”

DankeSuper has a history of creating ethnobotanical combinations designed for targeted, synergistic effect. Their tinctures integrate ingredients such as rosemary, lemongrass, and mint in DS02 or cinnamon, orange, and ginger in DS03 to offer unique taste profiles and experiences that extend beyond the traditional full spectrum hemp extract.

“Our initial focus was on taste profile and efficacy since we originally intended to enter the market with nano-emulsion water soluble. Our supplier’s chef, Mika Sharon, began sharing some of her tincture formulations and we were struck by how they encapsulated cannabinoids tendency to work as part of a larger entourage effect. The DS Series batches are consistently created using the same batch of hemp, but yet DS02 feels distinctively sativa with a focused, calm versus DS03’s decompressing, restorative Indica like effect,” notes Kaufman.

From it’s beginning, DankeSuper sought to offer a platform that encouraged a rethinking of how we interact with and incorporate plants in enhancing ourselves and the environment around us. That mission started with it’s full spectrum hemp products following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, since extended into further exploration of cannabis’ 130+ cannabinoids like Delta-8, and plans to continue in the mycological and homegrown space.

As we vax up and mask off this summer their full spectrum CBD offer the perfect antidote to shedding post-quarantine anxiety, or truly let loose while reconnecting with DankeSuper’s DSquared8 with Delta-8 THC. Grab your DankeSuper Delta-8 THC products make sure to use the code HIGHTIMES25 for 25 percent off today.

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