Is Flowermate V5 Nano A Vaporizer Worth Choosing?

Is the Flowermate V5 Nano the right vape to match your needs?
Is Flowermate V5 Nano A Vaporizer Worth Choosing?
Courtesy of Flowermate

Many years ago, glass bongs, pipes, and joints dominated the pot paraphernalia space. With the improvement of consumers’  standards and technological developments, cannabis connoisseurs began to crave more portable and discreet devices to light up. This demand paved the way for the next generation of vaporizers. And so, the Flowermate V5 Nano was born.

Health and  Safety in One Device

More and more people are realizing that cannabis, and its various terpenes and cannabinoids, is good for their health. The vaporizer heats the herb in a chamber producing no smoke or carbon monoxide and leaving the consumer with a pleasant, lifted sensation. Flowermate V5 Nano uses a black ceramic oven and glass mouthpiece, meaning the vapor you inhale is purer and cleaner than other vapes on the marker. Most importantly, Flowermate V5 Nano is produced by a facility which acquired the GMP Compliance and IS0 13585 Certification. 

Hybrid Heating System

Conduction and Convection heating methods is a topic that is often discussed. And different methods have a huge effect on one’s vaping experience. 

As we know, a vaporizer’s conduction heating transfer occurs very quickly because of the direct and immediate contact with the source of heat. This speed is of great benefit to patients that use cannabis for anxiety and pain relief. But the issue is that the nonuniform heat affects the taste of the cannabis vapor. 

Convection vaporizers use air to carry heat from the heating element to the herb to make sure that it reaches the desired temperature. The disadvantage of this method is that it needs more time and space to cook the herb, and convection devices are generally  more expensive.

So how can we combine conduction and convection in one device? The Flowermate team made a considerable  effort. Our goal is to keep the taste of the flower, while reducing the heating time. After a lot of experiments, we designed the system with 30% convection and 70% conduction. It doesn’t overheat and heats evenly. 

Is Flowermate V5 Nano A Vaporizer Worth Choosing?
Courtesy of Flowermate

Easy to Use

We love simple, intuitive devices. Flowermate V5 Nano has 1 home-button and 2 control-buttons. 5 clicks turns this vaporizer on and off, and the haptic feedback lets the consumer know when the herb is heated. Cannabis users can adjust the temperatures according to their preferences, which allows them to taste the difference between strains more distinctly. The big digital display allows the consumer to see the battery life and current temperature. It’s easily mastered, even for beginners.

Stealthy Design

It goes beyond saying that there are some areas (and people) who still find the usage of cannabis, for either medical or recreational purposes, unacceptable. 

Our team designed a stash spot for the mouthpiece when it’s not in use, and  the portable size allows users to simply keep the device in their pocket. The heating method also reduces any telltale odor from the cannabis. 

There is a saying that goes “don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.” Flowermate V5 Nano is a vaporizer based on consumer’s requirements.

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