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Get Your Wellness Groove Back With KushyCBD

Make yourself a priority this year.

Get Your Wellness Groove Back With KushyCBD
Courtesy of KushyCBD

Are you nervous all the time, even when you haven’t committed a variety of high level felonies? Do you struggle to sleep despite the fact that you’ve been working both day and night? While we can’t legally say that CBD can help with these situations, we are allowed to give you a wink and a nudge. 

As one of the first CBD companies on the market, we know our stuff. We got our start in 2014, back when blogging was a fad (RIP) and CBD was referred to as “hemp”. From the get-go, we’ve delivered a pure, consistent, effective medicine straight from nature. Malcom Gladwell may have said it best: ten-thousand hours of doing something makes you not suck at it. Would you take your car to a mechanic who is just getting into car-fixing because it was the buzz thing all of a sudden? Probably not.

Get Your Wellness Groove Back With KushyCBD
Courtesy of KushyCBD

KushyCBD is a pure, consistent, and effective line of award-winning CBD products that soak up the vibes here on the California coast — we live by “work hard, play hard” and enjoy what nature provides. 

All KushyCBD products are independently lab tested with the COAs (that’s certificates of analysis, for the uninitiated) to prove it. You’ll get a little COA with your product that measures cannabinoid content, pesticides, and heavy metals — a lot of CBD companies don’t do that (or even test their products, for that matter) but that’s how much we care about you! And our dosing is consistent, effective, and beginner-friendly. Whether you’re a CBD newbie dipping your pinky toe down the rabbit hole, or a seasoned vet who can give a Ted Talk on dosage, we have a product to suit every person’s CBD needs. Apply it, swallow a capsule, smoke it, drop it in food or drink. Just don’t swim in a bathtub full of it. That would be weird.

We’re not just a label, we’re a vibe. We’re helping people get their groove back. At a party, we’re the weirdo in the back having a conversation about philosophy with your dog. 

We’ve tightened our formulas — keeping the best ones, and adding a little love to others. So try KushyCBD. It’s wellness in a daily dose.

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