Grow Naturally With BudJuice

Enrich your soil with BudJuice to ensure your plants grow strong, have healthy yields, taste great, and are free of chemicals and pesticides.
Grow Naturally With BudJuice
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Cannabis enthusiasts have taken to growing plants at home for many of the same reasons that gardeners grow their own vegetables. Having complete control over what goes into their plants and ultimately their bodies is often a top concern. Those choosing to grow organically reap more than just health benefits. Organic growing methods support the natural production of cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing taste, aroma and potency. 

Successful plant growth requires a combination of the right spectrum of light and optimal temperature, humidity, ventilation and nutrients. Known to be voracious feeders, marijuana plants require fertilization to replace depleted nutrients in the soil. BudJuice is a 100 percent organic liquid fertilizer specifically developed to meet the needs of cannabis plants through every life stage from seedling to harvest.

The Boost You Need

Combining their experience in aquaculture and agriculture, the creators of BudJuice did extensive testing before bringing this superior organic fertilizer to market. 

Derived from marine fish waste, phytoplankton and microscopic dead organic material, BudJuice is packed with micronutrients that are naturally found in marine water like boron, magnesium and calcium. Marine fish waste adds other necessary elements such as nitrates, potassium, and phosphorus that plants need to thrive. Together, they formed a holistic product that is able to boost both the plant’s speed of growth and crop yield without the need for other additives. 

BudJuice controls every aspect of production from raw material to bottling, ensuring that their product is clean, organic, and free from harmful chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

What Makes BudJuice Stand Apart?

Most organic fish waste fertilizers on the market today have been extracted from freshwater, while ocean-based products tend to consist of marine phytoplankton or blended kelp and lack the fish waste component. BudJuice offers the best of both worlds combining plant and animal waste in a formula that meets cannabis’s rigorous nutritional needs.

Synthetic fertilizers, created with minerals, gases and inorganic waste often work against a healthy soil environment. In addition to destroying beneficial microbes in the soil, chemical fertilizers, particularly those with high salt contents, can cause nutrient lock. Nutrient lock occurs when plants cannot absorb nutrients from the soil due to their build up and unsuitable pH levels. 

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, BudJuice promotes the proliferation of helpful microorganisms present in the soil, and plants are able to more easily absorb its organic material. 

Full Life-Cycle Feeder

You can feed your plants easily during one of your weekly waterings. Dilute 10 ml in 1000 ml of water during the early stages of growth and gradually increase it to 30 ml in the weeks leading to harvest. Approximately 180 ml is required for the life cycle of each plant. The product is also well suited for hydroponic growing and use as a foliar spray. Results can be seen in as little as 48 hours.

More Than Just a Fertilizer

BudJuice is a full life-cycle company – taking the initiative to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. Marine wastewater that would otherwise be placed in a landfill or flushed into our sewer system and waterways is collected and extracted to make this earth-friendly fertilizer. By reusing the material in this manner you can grow healthy plants naturally. BudJuice encourages its customers to return their plastic bottles for recycling, offering them a credit on their next order. 

In addition to preventing waste, BudJuice is helping to clean plastics from our oceans and coastlines. A portion of each purchase goes towards sponsoring ocean plastic cleanup efforts. Their contributions have led to the collection of 10-pounds of plastic, making them almost a quarter of the way to their 50-pound goal in just two months! 

The producers of BudJuice believe in additive and chemical-free organic growing methods and strive to help you grow the healthiest and cleanest plants possible.

You can find BudJuice on, Amazon Canada/U.S., and soon directly in a retailer near you. 

Don’t take BudJuice’s word for it. Visit their Instagram and see what others are saying about BudJuice.

Both my plants were on their way to the grave. A good grower I trust suggested this stuff. Even after just one dose, I could see them coming back to life!! Now they are looking better than ever and ready to go into bloom! Thank you so much BudJuice!! #stayorganic customer 

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