Gutter Bars Announces Launch of NFT-Themed Delta-8 Disposables

Gutter Bars are breaking the mold with a new, collectible line of NFT-themed Delta-8 Disposables in several variations.
Gutter Bars
Courtesy of Gutter Bars

This week, Gutter Bars announced the upcoming launch of its NFT-themed lineup of Delta-8 Disposables, which will feature numerous characters from the iconic Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) non-fungible token (NFT) collection, including Gutter Cats, Dogs, Rats and Pigeons.

Made using the highest-quality, industrial hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, third-party lab-tested, and made in the U.S., Gutter Bars will be available in four signature flavors–Gutter Berry, Gutter Grape, Gutter Peach and Gutter Melon.

During the initial sale, there will be 10,000 Gutter Bars available for purchase by holders of GCG NFTs, each featuring one of 16 characters from the GCG collection that have been strategically allocated to make some Gutter Bars rarer than others. 

Depending on the character found on the packaging, customers could win exclusive prizes, including Gutter Cat #88 (valued at approximately $27.5K*), Gutter Dog #1802 (valued at approximately $7.5K*), Gutter Rat #1203 (valued at approximately $6K*), Gutter Pigeon #1801 (valued at approximately $4K*), Gutter Bars Merch and more!

As a long-time holder of GCG NFTs and a crypto native, I’m absolutely thrilled to be announcing the launch of Gutter Bars. We’ve invested a ton of time and resources into developing not only an industry-leading, first-of-its-kind product, but an exciting, gamified shopping experience that gives our customers the opportunity to win awesome prizes as well. Stay tuned for future updates–we’ve got big things coming,” said Aaron Cadena, co-founder of Gutter Bars and marketing director at Streamline Group.

Gutter Bars are made and distributed by Streamline Group, an innovative, industry-leading company known for customer-favorite brands in the nicotine, hemp and active ingredients industries, including Juice Head, Bam’s Cannoli, NIIN, Galaxy Treats, TIMBR Organics and more.

Gutter Bars will be available to pre-order by late February 2022, and products are expected to ship early April 2022.

*Prize values based on value of items and Ethereum (ETH) at the time of writing.

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