HeliYum Haze Takes Cannabis Beyond Vaping

Mixing cannabis and helium for a great time.
HeliYum Haze Takes Cannabis Beyond Vaping
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A new way to enjoy pot is poised to make its debut on the cannabis scene, courtesy of two Canadian brothers and inventors who are looking for consumers to help make their design a reality. Dubbed the HeliYum Haze, the new product uses heat and helium gas to aerosolize the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds in cannabis flower. Inventors Brian and Gary Shuster tell High Times that the HeliYum Haze represents a new era in hardware for consuming cannabis.

“This is not a vaporizer,” Brian Shuster explains. “It’s new technology that’s way more effective than vaping.”

The HeliYum Haze consists of a conical desktop unit with a heating element and a chamber for cannabis flower. Before the heat is applied, all the air in the heating chamber is replaced with pure helium gas, which is supplied via a refillable canister that comes with the unit. With no oxygen in the chamber, no combustion takes place.  This allows the pure terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids to aerosolize into a smoke-free haze, which fills a plastic inhalation bag to hit and pass.

“It’s much more efficient, and there’s much less impact on the body and the lungs.  Plus it’s a really fun way to get high,” Brian adds.

Because there is no combustion, no smoke is produced. All of the cannabinoids and other desirable compounds are stripped from the cannabis, leaving behind a carbon skeleton of the flower.

“There’s no coughing, there’s no lung irritation,” says Brian, who has asthma and needed an alternative to smoking. “It’s just really easy on the lungs even though a big hit can be as strong as a massive dab.”

Brian’s brother Gary Shuster says that without combustion, the HeliYum Haze can heat the herb to a higher temperature than vaporizers, delivering the full potential of your cannabis flower.

“You get 100% decarboxylation because we heat it above combustion temperature, but because it’s a helium atmosphere, there’s no oxygen to combust,” Gary notes, adding that “essentially, 100% of the THCA becomes THC and approximately 100% of that is aerosolized.”

With that kind of efficiency, Gary says, consumers will be able to get the most out of their stash.

 “It seems to be about three to six times stronger than the equivalent amount of weed smoked in a bong or a joint,” he explains.

In addition to the improved performance, the use of helium adds fun to a sesh, causing even the most seasoned stoners to sound like they’re members of the Lollipop Guild as they exhale. Even passing the inhalation bag around the room can be entertaining.

“It’s really fun to see how people react when they’re using it,” Brian says. “Everybody has such a great time. The bag floats like a balloon so you can just bop it over to your friends.”

The Shusters have been through several prototypes of the HeliYum Haze and have lined up the professionals for the final design and selected a manufacturing facility for production. To get the project past the finish line, Gary and Brian have decided to crowdsource the necessary funding with an Indiegogo campaign that launches today. Those who buy into the campaign will be able to secure their own HeliYum Haze device for only $149, more than 50% off the suggested list price of $449. A variety of rewards will also be available for funders, depending on the number of accessories such as inhalation bags and helium canisters that are ordered. Extra prizes are available for the earliest to join in the campaign.

Brian and Gary say that they chose to raise the money to manufacture the HeliYum Haze through Indiegogo rather than traditional funding channels because crowdsourcing allows them to create a community of like-minded individuals that can help them improve their product and create new ones, such as the portable Haze Pen that is now in the research and development phase.

“You get to communicate with your purchasers,” Gary explains. “You can let them know your progress. You can follow up with them afterward.”

Once the Indiegogo campaign is funded and orders fulfilled, Brian and Gary plan to market the HeliYum Haze and accessories through cannabis dispensaries throughout North America. Once emptied, helium canisters will be exchangeable at the point of purchase for filled ones. For more information, visit the HeliYum Haze website or check out their social media profiles on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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