High Capacity Hemp and Cannabis Harvesting with CenturionPro

With the heightened demand for cannabis and hemp products due to the changing legalization and increased acceptance across North America, farmers and processors are feeling the strain to keep up.

The hemp industry was recorded to have $1.1 billion in revenues in 2018, which is estimated to more than double by 2022 to $2.6 billion. This same trend follows cannabis, which is estimated to be worth $8 billion in 2021. As a result, farmers are producing more and more hemp and cannabis each year to meet the growing demand. This increase in production requirements brings an apparent need for high capacity processing and trimming options.

One of the ways to handle the increased demand and higher production output is to automate your process through the use of machines, such as high capacity trimmers and de-stemmers. The benefit of using an automated trimming machine for your hemp and cannabis production is centered around having an increased output, but can also be beneficial in reducing overhead costs associated with additional staff, better quality control by limiting human error and consistent quality as a high-end trimmer will guarantee a perfect cut every time.

The industry has many options available when it comes to automated trimmers and bucking systems. The HP (or High Production) bucker from CenturionPro utilizes rollers which pull the stems in and pop the flowers off. This process of de-stemming is more efficient than cutting and allows the user to continuously feed the bucker for more efficient de-stemming and higher throughput. This type of bucker is well-suited for farmers that want to produce CBD oils, where the appearance of the bud is less important. It is also ideal for harvesters that have a lot of material to process and require the most efficient de-stemming and trimmer systems available.

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When paired with a high capacity trimmer like the 3.0 medical-grade trimmer, the output becomes even more impressive. As the name implies, the 3.0 trimmer has three tumblers which work side-by-side for an impressive production capacity with minimal bud travel. This system does both wet and dry trimming, as each machine comes standard with both wet and dry tumblers. With a trimming capacity of 250 lbs for wet flower and 50 lbs for dry flower—per hour—this machine is ideal for high capacity trimming!

Courtesy of CenturionPro

When you compare this to the average output of one pound of cannabis a day for beginner hand trimmers and three pounds (or more) for advanced hand trimmers, the benefits become even more apparent. While these machines may be daunting, advancements in engineering and technology has allowed for automated trimmers to produce flower that is nearly indistinguishable from its hand-trimmed counterparts—with less fuss!

To match the dry trimming output of a high capacity system like the 3.0 bud trimmer, an operation would require a crew of over 130 people with advanced skills to achieve the same output! Not to mention the extra individuals required to de-stem the flower by hand. When comparing the two methods of trimming, it is easy to see how quickly the costs and management requirements might add up when dealing with a team of individuals versus a few solid automated trimmers. Growers with a large capacity of product to trim and process will see the best results by inputting a few quality, automated systems and retaining a handful of well-trained staff who can monitor the machines and output for consistency and quality.

Consider adding a high capacity de-stemmer and industrial trimming machine to your operation today! This will help you to reduce cost, increase production capacity and improve operational control!

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