How Amata CBD Can Help You Feel Good And Give Back

This CBD company gives a charitable donation with every purchase.
How Amata CBD Can Help You Feel Good And Give Back
Courtesy of Amata

Amata CBD was developed by Gold Coast Brands with the goal to contribute the highest quality products for the wellbeing of it’s customers and profit share with humanitarian causes. Amata’s goal was to make the finest CBD products with the aim of nourishing people and giving them tools to help transform personally while also giving back for the common good. The mission of Amata is to lead the CBD industry in service to society. Amata gives a portion of all proceeds to charity and believes that part of a healthy, happy life is giving back and helping others. 

Founder Joe Fletcher has worked in the cannabis industry since legalization in California in 2017. He explained that “speaking with hundreds of customers, many requested better quality products to help them sleep, relieve anxiety and reduce pain. The products that they could purchase were typically too high in THC, giving them some relief, but with too much psychoactive effect, making them feel intoxicated or groggy.” Seeing the need for high quality products that were CBD only, they began to work on developing Amata. The aim was to produce products that provided relief without the undesired psychoactive effects. 

Amata’s goal is to have the best CBD brand in the world. They know that CBD works and we have seen its beneficial results firsthand—with friends and family members and now with customers across the globe. Customers have seen noticeable changes in their health since implementing CBD into their daily routine and lifestyle. For example, Marc K. from Monterey wrote after his order of Amata products arrived: “Received your Amata Roll-On and immediately applied to my left hip joint and IT band which are constantly tight and sore. Went for a five mile run and applied again after a shower and absolutely no pain in either the joint or band. Amazing and thank you.” Marc K.

How Amata CBD Can Help You Feel Good And Give Back
Courtesy of Amata

The Rise of Commercial CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) was discovered in 1940 and was one of the 113 identified cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. THC is the most well known compound because of its psychoactive properties—it gets you “high.” CBD is non-psychoactive but has many of the same medical benefits as THC. This allows consumers to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits without leaving them with the “stoned” feeling that they would get with THC. At present clinical research on CBD has included studies on anxiety, sleep, cognition, epilepsy, movement disorders, pain and most recently the Coronavirus. Patients use CBD through oral ingestion with tinctures, gel caps, and other edible products or topically with pain relief creams and roll-on dispensers. 

How Amata CBD Can Help You Feel Good And Give Back
Courtesy of Amata

The FDA Steps In

Many CBD brands on the market today use low-quality raw materials and have small amounts of CBD in each product. Products found online are often made in China and are mainly water. Many products do not have accurate labeling so consumers are not getting what the labels claim. The FDA has recently released a report showing that many of the CBD products tested were mislabeled, containing less than the CBD advertised. These studies are part of the effort by the FDA for federal regulation of CBD. In the report to the US House Committee on Appropriations and the US Senate Committee on Appropriations the FDA took one step closer to announcing federal regulations and stated that understanding what is on the market is “critical to making informed decisions about how to best protect the public in the current marketplace.” This report is part of the FDA’s 2021 fiscal year budget that is currently in markup and legislators have said that some of their funding will be put toward a potential framework for regulating CBD. The FDA sent a letter to Congress on July 8 detailing the results of testing on CBD products mandated by congressional appropriation. The testing determined that CBD products on the market today often contain less CBD than they advertise on their labels. Of 102 CBD products that were tested and had claimed specific dosage claims, less than half had the amount that they advertised on their labels. 

How Amata CBD Can Help You Feel Good And Give Back
Courtesy of Amata

Amata CBD- Made in the USA

Amata CBD set out to develop high quality, American made products with high concentrations of CBD so that each dosage is effective for its customers. Fletcher stated “Amata CBD welcomes tough regulations, high standards and we will meet or exceed and FDA regulations that are set forth.”

Amata only uses the highest quality American CBD that has been refined to isolate the pure CBD compound from other parts of the industrial hemp plant. Every batch of Amata is lab tested by an independent 3rd party lab that confirms the potency (CBD levels) of their products, and also confirms that there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or microbes present. These tests are reported in what is called a Certificate of Analysis or COA. Customers can see all of the test results for Amata on the company website. Amata has committed to only use the safest ingredients in all of its products.

Amata CBD is grown in America, manufactured in America, by a company headquartered in Carmel, California making high potency products that are the best value on the market.  When customers buy Amata products they are supporting American farmers and American jobs. Amata’s manufacturing site follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and is registered with the FDA. All manufacturing is held to the highest standards. Their employees have extensive experience in their professional areas including science, quality assurance, formulating, and manufacturing. 

Amata believes that eternal youth does not come from a fountain. It comes from a grateful heart, healthy diet, vibrant attitude, plenty of sleep and being of service to one another. Amata products promote that healthy lifestyle and they are excited to give back a portion of all proceeds to assist the important work of non-profits that share their mission and support humanitarian causes.  

Visit to learn more about this exciting company.

  1. True! The article is so exact. Cbd is truly a blessing when used as a medicine, it is a WONDER DRUG, I have read many success stories beside that my own personal experience made me believe that cbd is best for certain health conditions. The misconceptions regarding cbd has made people less believe in the wonders of cbd. While comparing cbd to opioids , cbd is superior. It is Not organ damaging neither pharma drug.

  2. This is so amazingggg! On every purchase there would be a give away. What else one wants. And the consumption rate has also been increased. CBD health benefits are especially effective for health conditions that are here to stay with us. Over some time, the chemical-based drugs prescribed by doctors can stop serving the pain-alleviation purpose. And CBD purchases could be more common if legalized. Let’s take chronic pain as an example, it needs continuous care and the patient might become immune to some of the drugs and eventually, the drug will stop working. Here comes the option of alternative treatments to our rescue. Cannabis has been used by many older people to soothe the pain caused by any trauma or accident and perform activities smoothly. But what would be more relieving? Every purchase is a donation itself and nothing better than that.

  3. Very great article. Using marijuana in combination with cdb, the cbd helps with the inflammation aspect of pain. But marijuana certainly helps to reduce the “feeling” of pain. I had a chronic pain issue and when I started using marijuana for pain, the result was super amazing. I would smoke and pass the pain out. I just kept smoking and using sativa during the day and indicas at night. You will be less sensitive you just have to keep going. I read this article recently and it states some amazing facts about sativa and indica , This is what I always do research on what I am using and what I will be doing in future. Be it vape or pot or bong.

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