How Binoid Does HHC Right

As the hemp industry continues to discover new and exciting cannabinoids, one that is gaining a lot of hype is HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol.
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HHC is a federally legal cannabinoid and has some pretty distinctive qualities—mainly, it’s a hydrogenated version of THC (meaning it has a hydrogen atom attached), which adds greatly to its chemical stability while offering all of the properties that we associate with Delta 9 THC, including its absolutely beloved psychoactive effects.

This means that HHC gets you high like Delta 9, but is not actually a THC compound. It is its own category, and a unique high that you should explore. HHC has quickly become one of the most sought-after cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and that’s saying something as there are tons of cannabinoids that are grabbing our attention on today’s market.

It’s clear that HHC consistently satisfies its users, and if you’re looking for the absolute best HHC possible, Binoid is the obvious choice. Binoid’s HHC products such as their vapes, tinctures, and capsules have gained a reputation for their effectiveness, lack of additives, potency, and exceptional variety of product types, strains and more.

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What to Look for in a Quality HHC Product
It goes without saying that not all HHC products are created equally. As the cannabinoid grows in demand, so do the instances of low-reputation companies releasing subpar products to capitalize on its popularity. So, how do you know you’re getting the cream of the crop, for a product that’s as safe as it is effective? Here’s why so many hemp enthusiasts choose Binoid as their supplier for HHC vapes, gummies, and more.

#1: Third-Party Lab Reports
You should always, always, always look at third-party lab reports before buying an HHC product, which are also referred to as a CoA (certificate of analysis). These lab reports are provided through a company’s website, and also show the reports that result from having each batch of an HHC product thoroughly analyzed by a state-authorized third-party laboratory. 

Here is where you can verify the safety, purity, and legality of a product, while learning more about the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the product as well. Binoid’s third-party lab reports are easy to find on their website, giving customers the assurance that they need.

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#2: A Top-Notch Company Reputation
In such a competitive industry, reputation is everything. To really stand out, a company must go above and beyond to keep customers totally satisfied.  That’s where Binoid really succeeds. Thanks to their honesty, their fast and free shipping, their refreshingly fair prices, and the excellent consistency in HHC product quality and effectiveness, customers keep coming back, not having to worry about ending up with a dud product. With over 35,000 total five star reviews, and over 1,000 five star reviews for HHC itself, Binoid is one of the most trusted brands in the Hemp space.

#3: Clean, Fresh, and Carefully Sourced Ingredients
When it comes to crafting a high-quality product, one of the most overlooked aspects is the ingredients that are combined with the HHC distillate. Ideally, an HHC product should contain as few ingredients as possible to avoid fillers, and stick to ingredients that are as clean, natural, and ethically sourced as possible. 

We love that Binoid strives to deliver only vegan products, and makes their ingredient lists as easy to find as possible so that customers can know that they’re getting nothing but top-tier formulas without the use of chemical additives found in so many hemp products on today’s market.

#4: Seed-to-Sale Transparency
Companies should always aim to offer as much transparency as possible about how their products are made, from “seed to sale.” This means that they should provide customers with information that begins with how they source their hemp material, all the way to how it’s packaged. Binoid succeeds in this department, keeping customers well-informed about every step that goes into crafting their signature HHC formulas.

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What Types of HHC Products are Available at Binoid?
Binoid’s HHC products come in a variety of options, including different delivery methods, strengths, strains, and more. Let’s take a look at the various HHC products that they offer, all of which have become best-sellers among anyone who seeks out the exceptional properties of this rare cannabinoid.

HHC Vape Cartridges
Binoid’s HHC Vape Carts use Binoid’s premium 99% pure HHC distillate plus terpenes to offer an ultra-potent and fast-acting way for enjoying that HHC high. These 510-threaded vape cartridges attach easily to standard vape pen devices, arriving pre-filled with vape oil for your convenience. The formula consists strictly of hemp extracts—meaning that there are zero additives getting in between you and your beloved hemp.

The vape carts contain a full gram of vape oil (1ml), and come in top-shelf strains like Hawaiian Sunrise (Sativa), Sunset Sherbet (Indica), Gorilla Glue (Hybrid), Cali Gold (Hybrid), Lucid Blue (Hybrid) and Super Silver Haze (Sativa). This is a great choice for someone who wants a heavy-hitting serving of HHC and loves exploring different sought-after strains on the market in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid forms.

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HHC Tinctures
Tincture fans will want to give Binoid’s HHC Tincture a try, offering up the ideal sublingual oil formula for fast-acting yet long-lasting results. The tincture comes in an amber glass 30ml bottle, keeping the contents fresh and safe from oxidization, with a dropper cap for easy dosing and administering.

The bottle contains a total of 1000 milligrams of pure, lab-tested HHC distillate, and MCT oil is the only other ingredient, which acts as the carrier oil to deliver the cannabinoid into the body within roughly 30-60 minutes. The high can last for 4-6 hours, letting you milk HHC’s effects to feel blissfully high for a large portion of your day.

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HHC Capsules
Binoid’s HHC Capsules offer a fully vegan formula, which makes it easy to incorporate the cannabinoid into your daily routine. Each capsule contains plant-based ingredients, with 25 milligrams of HHC distillate per piece. One capsule a day is plenty, but keep in mind that it can take up to 2 hours before the effects kick in, and after that, they can last for up to 8 hours at a time. Softgels are easy on the stomach, and a highly effective alternative to traditional vapes and gummies.

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Binoid has Your HHC Needs Covered!

For better or worse, each company that makes HHC products has their own standards when it comes to quality, which is why you have to be extra careful when choosing which brand you’re going to buy from. Fortunately, Binoid is a company that has maintained a reputation for years, as being one of the most honest and trustworthy manufacturers out there. Their commitment to dazzling customers with nothing but premium hemp is evident as soon as you try one of their formulas for yourself.

Binoid’s products cover all of your bases, whether you want a fast and potent HHC high through a vape, a long-lasting high from a capsule, or the perfect middle-ground through a tincture. All of their products have undergone strict lab-testing, and it’s easy to learn more about how their products are made through their website.

Best of all, you’ll be able to snag top-shelf HHC vapes and products at excellent prices using the code HIGHTIMES25 for 25% off while being treated to fast shipping so that you can get acquainted with this fascinating cannabinoid in no time flat.

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  1. These products do not work. Do not buy hemp-derived cannabinoids. Wait for your state to legalize (cannabis) so you can experience the real thing. Hemp is for textiles, animal-feed, etc. not for ingestion or medical use. Do not believe this article.

    1. Well out of personal experience I can tell you, they do actually work. But I agree that it makes sense to be careful with HHC because it is new to the market and there aren’t yet any long-term studies available.

  2. They work just enough to hold you over untill you can re-up on the real deal. HHC and THC-0 have more in common with research chemicals than they do with marijuana, but still you can’t deny they “work”

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