How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry

Robot Coupe takes extraction very seriously.
How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry

Robot Coupe USA, Inc. is the world leader in the commercial food processing industry with over 50 years of engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service. Their machines are designed to save user time and labor while providing perfectly uniform size reduction for food service, laboratories, testing facilities, and cannabis processors.

Robot Coupe USA, Inc.’s factory, customer service center, and US warehouse are all located in Ridgeland, Mississippi to serve the US market. There are also two Canadian warehouse facilities—one in Toronto and the other in Vancouver—to serve the Canadian market.

Applications for the Cannabis Industry

How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry
Courtesy of Robot Coupe USA

Oil Extraction

The CO2 Super Critical Extraction process requires cannabis flowers to be batch-processed to a particular size consistency to achieve the highest yields and purity of cannabis oil. The oil yield and purity of ground cannabis flowers is greatly increased compared to oil extraction methods that utilize cannabis flowers in their natural state, or that are ground to a non-uniform particle size. The consistent particle size achieved by using a Robot Coupe machine reduces the occurrence of “channeling” when the cannabis is under high pressure during the oil extraction process.

The ability to rapidly reduce the cannabis flowers to a ground consistency allows the oil extractor to prepare the cannabis for extraction without heating the product. Eliminating heat allows the ground flower to retain its unique terpenes indicative of the plant’s particular strain. Robot Coupe machines have the ability to reduce mature dried cannabis flowers to a ground consistency in less than a minute.

The size of the batch required to be processed varies by operator. Robot Coupe offers machines varying in size from 3 liters up to 60 liters to accommodate processors from small craft operators to high volume facilities.

How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry
Courtesy of Robot Coupe USA


Robot Coupe offers several pieces of equipment that offer production solutions for the cannabis edible producer. Robot Coupe offers 16 different immersion blenders with the ability to both mix, blend and puree ingredients for edibles production.

The Robot Coupe Blixer is a patented, unique high-speed food processor often used by pastry chefs, artisan bakers, and chocolatiers. The Blixer is also being used in edibles production. The Blixer utilizes high RPM’s, a micro-serrated blade, and a lid-and-bowl scraping system perfect for working with sticky, thick products, making it a trusted go-to product in the edibles production kitchen.

Similar to their other product families Robot Coupe Blixers are available in numerous machine sizes that will fit the needs and budgets of both small craft producers as well as large production facilities.

How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry
Courtesy of Robot Coupe USA

Testing Laboratories

Robot Coupe equipment is also in demand from both governmental and private testing labs for the required testing of cannabis flowers, oils, and retail products such as edibles derived from cannabis.

The Robot Coupe Blixer has become a go-to machine for labs testing for pesticides and THC and CBD content. The ability to produce a homogeneous batch sample in a matter of seconds allows the testing facility to be more accurate and consistent in their conclusions. The benefit of rapid size reduction without adding heat to the product being tested is paramount in obtaining an accurate result as heat can affect the chemical makeup of the product being tested. Robot Coupe equipment is used in FDA and USDA facilities for both large and small batch sample testing.

How Robot Coupe USA is Serving the American Hemp Industry
Courtesy of Robot Coupe USA

Juice Extraction

The J100 Ultra centrifuge juice extractor is being utilized by juice bars and health food stores to extract juice from freshly harvested cannabis fan leaves. The juice is non psychoactive as THC does not become active without heating Cannabis (a process known as decarboxylation). The benefit of the juice is in the high CBD content of the fan leaves. This juice is usually mixed with other juices or added to smoothies and served to the consumer.

Global Presence

Robot Coupe has a worldwide network of factory sales and customer service personnel to support the product line. This has been embraced as a significant benefit by cannabis companies that seek to expand to foreign markets and at the same time maintain their standards of product purity and consistency.

Tilray is a customer that fits into this category as they are aggressively expanding into Europe, Australia, South Africa, etc. They have confidence that Robot Coupe has the sales and service support in place to assist them in sourcing the product in the correct voltage for the locale as well as installation and start-up training to operate the machine correctly.

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