The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth

Did you know that molasses can help keep your plants healthy and strong?
The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth
Courtesy of Central Garden & Pet

Whether you’re nurturing your first garden or you’re a seasoned grower, you’ve learned that top-quality yields depend on strong, healthy plants. Solid plant health  positions your grow for exceptional performance, indoors or out. And molasses, a  natural source of carbohydrates, can help give your plants the foundation they need  for strong, healthy growth. 

Since Earth Juice pioneered the use of molasses for plants nearly thirty years ago,  growers have seen firsthand how molasses can help optimize plant health and  maximize a grow’s quality and yields. That’s why premier growers worldwide turn  to Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1, the industry’s original  molasses for plants. 

The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis  Plant Growth
Courtesy of Central Garden & Pet

Why Molasses Carbohydrates and Cannabis Belong Together

Carbohydrates are essential to all aspects of healthy plant growth. Through  photosynthesis, your plants harvest light energy and transform it into oxygen and  carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates provide the chemical energy that fuels plant  growth and supports strong, healthy structural development from root to bud. 

Though plants produce their own carbohydrates, supplementing with carbohydrates  from natural-based molasses works to enhance the whole process. Peak production,  even in the best possible growing environment, demands a lot from your plants. While  they’re actively using carbs for daily energy and growth, they’re also storing carbs in  reserve. It’s a lot like marathoners who carb load right before their big runs. 

As plants move out of the vegetative stage, their carb reserves take on new  importance. Carbohydrate demands intensify as plant energy gets redirected to  support flowering and secondary metabolite production instead of green, leafy growth.  By giving your plants the extra edge molasses provides, you help ensure your grow’s  genetics can reach their full potential.

How Molasses Benefits Cannabis Growth and Yield 

One of the biggest advantages your grow gets from molasses starts with your growing  media. Applied as part of a complete fertilization program or as your “secret  ingredient” in plant teas, the natural carbohydrates in molasses support beneficial  microorganisms at work in the root zone. Increased activity by healthy, well-fed  beneficial microorganisms actually improves your soil, enhancing the movement and  exchange of air, water and nutrients. 

With molasses, the symbiotic associations taking place in your soil create a healthier  environment that supports strong, healthy root growth and promotes improved  nutrient availability and uptake, which further enhances plant vigor and plant strength.  Healthier soil means healthier, stronger cannabis plants — and that means bigger,  better yields. 

While molasses helps your plants make better use of available nutrients, it also  provides additional nutrition to feed your grow. Molasses contains potassium, an  essential macronutrient that also helps support vigorous, healthy and productive  growth. 

Vital to photosynthesis, potassium enhances the movement of water, nutrients and  carbohydrates within plant tissue. That leads to better root growth, stronger stalks and  stems and improved flowering. With the added boost from molasses nutrition, your  grow performs its best above and below the surface. 

The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth
Courtesy of Central Garden & Pet

Why Premier Growers Choose Premium Molasses For Plants

It’s important to understand that, despite the natural benefits, all molasses isn’t created  equal. To optimize your grow, you need a premium molasses product you can count  on to deliver all the benefits of molasses reliably and consistently. That’s why growers  who know continue to trust their gardens to the all-natural carbohydrates and plant  nutrition found in Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1. 

Run-of-the-mill supermarket molasses varies significantly in quality, consistency and  composition. Unlike this premium choice, a lot of those products come from beet  sugar or other low-quality sources instead of pure sugar cane. Some even have  artificial sweeteners or sugar water added. Plus, they include additives that work  against the plant benefits molasses provides.

Common molasses products often contain a preservative called sulfur dioxide.  Manufacturers add this chemical compound to kill the unwelcome bacteria that make  grocery store molasses go bad on the shelf. But sulfur dioxide’s antimicrobial action  has the same killing effect on beneficial microorganisms in your soil. On top of that,  sulfured molasses can introduce that unpleasant chemical taste to flavor profiles. 

With Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1, you’re getting 72%  Brix from pure, premium-grade, unsulfured sugar cane molasses. You can use it with  confidence, knowing you’re nourishing your grow with a premium product created to  support strong, healthy and productive plants. 

The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth
Courtesy of Central Garden & Pet

How and When to Use Premium Molasses for Plants in Your Grow

Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1 was designed for use as part  of a complete fertilization program during all stages of growth, from veg to finishing.  Whether your grow’s indoor, greenhouse or outdoor, you can use this premium  molasses for plants product with planting mixes, coco-coir, hydroponics or your  native soil. It’s also highly recommended as an ingredient in plant teas. Use it in  recipes for primary plant teas that serve as complete fertilizers or in supplemental  plant teas to support complete fertilization programs. 

As with all Earth Juice liquid fertilizer products, shake your molasses for plants  product vigorously before each use. Then add it slowly to room temperature water or  fertilizer solution and mix well. Follow label guidelines for rates per gallon of water  or fertilizer solution to mix mild, medium or strong formulas for hand feeding,  hydroponics or compost teas. For more specific rate guidance on formulas targeting  vegetative, transition, flowering or ripening stages, download the Earth Juice  Additives Feeding Chart. 

To take your plants to the next level at all stages of development, add Earth Juice  Xatalyst 0.03-0.01-0.10 to your feeding plans. Known to generations of growers as  “the crucial link,” this natural molasses- and kelp-based concentrate improves the  effectiveness of Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1 and all  your soil and hydroponic nutrients. With Xatalyst 0.03-0.01-0.10, you help ensure  compact branching, opulent fruiting and all the rewards that strong, healthy plant  growth brings.

Since its beginning in 1991, Earth Juice has grown from its northern California roots  to reach growers worldwide. Recognized for their innovative spirit and pioneering  products, they’ve learned a lot. Sharing the fruits of their knowledge for the betterment  of the industry is part of who they’ve been from the start. With Earth Juice, you can  count on highly effective, high-performing products created specifically with growers  like you in mind.

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