King Palm Delivers Flavor That Doesn’t Overpower Flower

King Palm is a revolutionary company in the smoking industry that brings innovative products for all kinds of consumers.
king palm
Courtesy of King Palm

King Palm is a business built through the digital world, and this model has perks. The industry’s resilience over the years keeps inspiring the company to push forward with new ideas. King Palm focuses on new products and elite tastes and they plan to bring more to the market. They will continue to pursue their efforts to use only natural ingredients.

The goal stays the same – staying true to their customers’ needs and pushing the taste portfolio above and beyond to keep them recognized and unique. After all, this approach has kept them ahead of the competition over the years.

Different trends are going on worldwide. The mission of King Palm is to create a powerful movement that makes smoking a breeze. Customer engagement is also a big part of this brand. They value opinions that could help them expand and work on the quality of the products. 

This year they launched new flavors that quickly became fan favorites. Some of them are The Red Rain flavor and Pumpkin Cream. In addition, they are getting into different products and forms of smoking materials besides palm tubes and cones. Also, new launches include new rolling papers whose mainstay is absolute taste.

”We offer that, and we’re going to provide that with our flavored capsule, paper cones. And it will pair well with Top Shelf cannabis flower because we’re using specific terpenes that blend well. We will never overpower the smoke or the taste of your flowers,” a representative of King Palm stated.

King Palm is proud of its astonishing collaboration with the top UFC fighter, Sean O’Malley, known as Sugar. They partnered and co-branded with Sugar to market the Suga Punch released on their web and in smoke shops across the country.

As they started working in 2016, they are proud of where they are now. One of the things King Palm sees as an accomplishment is how widely recognized their brand is with others that have existed since the 90s. 

With all these accomplishments in the last year, King Palm shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their future plans include moving into a new warehouse that will increase their production output and continuing to release new products based on input they receive from customers. 

”Motivation for us is that we started only as an idea. When you have an idea and work really hard, you give life to it. Then it grows like a flower. Then people start to appreciate what you brought to market. That is a fantastic feeling. This six-years process taught us a lot of things. You have to be prepared to learn new stuff every day. That is how you grow. Now when we look around at what we made, only the sky is the limit for us.”

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