Kosmik Brands Orbits the Moon on Artemis I

Kosmik Brands, the leading cannabis company from Oklahoma, is doing what has never been done before in the cannabis industry.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a cannabis company in space? Yeah, you read that right. Whether it be redefining high dosage as we know it or taking a trip to the Moon, Kosmik Brands continues to defy gravity—and all expectations.

One bite of a Kosmik gummy and it becomes clear why this company is dominating the edibles market. With their “Core 4” values of taste, texture, potency, and quality, and their innovative approach to edibles, it appears they have cracked the code with their one-of-a-kind products. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes Kosmik so spectacular.

Arguably the founding father of high dosage, Kosmik Brands pioneered the Oklahoma market since day one with chronic pain patients and veterans in mind. Their classified, high dosage line began with the first of its kind, the Black Hole. This next-level gummy was inspired by the ever-fascinating celestial phenomenon, black holes, known to be so intense that no object, particle, or light can escape it. With that in mind, they created a product that had never been seen before in their home state—a gummy with 100mg per piece and 1000mg per bag, available in four unforgettable flavors.

Soon to follow was their Supernova, a fan favorite also inspired by cosmic events. This mystery flavor is the first step in their high dosage line, with 50mg per piece and 500mg per bag. In fact, consumers loved Supernova so much, Kosmik recently added three new flavors to the lineup—blue, pink, and green.


At the end of your high dosage journey waits an immersive experience—the Abyss. Encouraging consumers to explore their limits, they are sure to have an elevated experience with this revolutionary edible. The Abyss, another first of its kind, packs a whopping 200mg dose in a single gummy and weighs in at 2000mg per bag. This has never been done before in the cannabis industry.

Kosmik created their high dosage line with a personalized experience in mind. This is why they decided to craft exclusive mystery flavors for each product, so every experience is unique to the consumer. I would tell you the flavor, but it looks like you will just have to try them—that information is currently CLASSIFIED.


When you take a closer look at their products, you will notice most of their products are inspired by astronomy because, after all, what’s higher than outer space?

Kosmik Brands is the first Oklahoma-owned cannabis brand to expand outside state lines, and their products are now available for purchase in Michigan, Nevada, and Missouri. With their recent debut of high dosage in the medical market of Michigan with four extraordinary Supernova flavors, consumers everywhere continue to be surprised and delighted by all Kosmik has to offer.

But it doesn’t stop there. Having pushed boundaries with their high dosage line, they brought the same innovative vision to other products, specifically their specialty gummies. Channeling nostalgia for sweet treats, they began their specialty line with the release of a best seller, the Karamel Apple, a green apple gummy with a real caramel center. This edible, originally intended to be a seasonal flavor, sold out in record time, pushing Kosmik to make it available year-round.


Capitalizing on their immediate success, they introduced their award-winning Peanut Butter & Jelly gummy, a grape gummy with a real peanut butter center that has garnered the attention of consumers nationwide. In recent months, a new and improved Chocolate Kovered Strawberry and the delectable Supersonic S’mores have joined the lineup of sweet treats.

Can’t go higher than outer space? Try Kosmik’s original best-selling Blasters for a low dosage adventure.

As you can see, Kosmik has set the bar high, consistently exceeding all expectations with their next-level edibles. They are a company of “firsts,” always thinking outside of the box and doing what has not been done before. So, what is next for this stellar company? Intergalactic travel. That’s right—Kosmik Brands is about to become the first cannabis company to orbit the moon.

Here is what to expect on their lunar mission.

If you are unfamiliar with NASA’s next move, they are about to make history with the Artemis missions. Humanity’s first lunar voyage in over 50 years, NASA plans to land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon by 2025 with the crewed flight of Artemis II. With the launch of Artemis I this year, their goal is to use advanced technology to study the surface of the Moon more in depth than ever before, in hopes of gaining more knowledge about our lunar friend and taking our first steps toward putting astronauts on Mars for the very first time.


So, what does Kosmik have to do with this? Well, Artemis I, scheduled to launch in June 2022, will send an uncrewed Orion spacecraft around the moon, carrying the names of those diligently following their missions. Kosmik was quick to put their name aboard this flight and the company intends to board all future missions, backing NASA’s efforts toward equality and advanced space travel. In addition to Kosmik’s trip around the Moon, they have also been in correspondence with NASA, looking for more ways they can get involved in space exploration.

In celebration of their upcoming galactic mission, Kosmik Brands gave away a real moon rock and a plot of lunar land to one very lucky Kosmonaut! And the celebration didn’t stop there. Kosmik also hosted an exciting, exclusive event in collaboration with Bangerooo for the highest holiday of the year. On 4/20, Kosmik fans got to be a part of a virtual celebration with the one and only Bangerooo and got a chance at winning over $1,500 worth of prizes!


For those of you who don’t know, Bangerooo is a brand that truly stands out. Created by the ever-so-talented Kari, a 25-year-old digital artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, her psychedelic illustrations and NFT creations are unlike anything you have seen before. Recently, Bangerooo used her one-of-a-kind creative vision to produce an animation of a badass alien girl enjoying Kosmik’s new Supernova flavors in the depths of space. A partnership that was written in the stars, Bangerooo and Kosmik Brands have big plans for the future. Stay tuned.

Whether you are a high-doser or just looking for your next buzz, Kosmik edibles will not disappoint. An experience that is truly out-of-this-world, I encourage you to try their award-winning products. Explore your limits with the Abyss. Indulge yourself with their decadent specialties line. Take a trip with their best-selling Black Hole. My personal favorites are the Green Black Hole and Karamel Apple. Try something new, and while you’re at it, check out all the awesome things they are doing within the cannabis industry.

Kosmik Brands continues to do what has never been done before in the industry—and they are just getting started.

Want to stay in-the-know about Kosmik’s mission? Follow Komet, Kirk, and AJ the Sales Goat on their intergalactic journey to the corners of the universe at kosmikbrands.com

  1. From personal experience, I can most definitely state that Kosmik edibles truly do make you feel as though you are floating through space. The flavor, the texture… it is everything! I absolutely loved everything about this article, along with the fact that a local Oklahoma got highlighted on a space like High Times. Loved the videos too 🙂

    1. I am a Kosmonaut through and through. I love Kosmik brands and the people that make the company great. My favs are the S’mores and Pink lemonade. Oklahoma is definitely putting cannabis on the map and blazing a trail for the rest the industry to follow!!! Saying that I love being part of the industry is an understatement!!

  2. Love Kosmik Brands! I have had their products in a few states now. The awesome flavors and consistency is definitely notable. A brand my fiends and I will continue to support + they are a fun and care about the industry. Big things for this Brand!

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