Lantern: The Online Pot Supermarket Delivering to Detroit and Beyond

the online pot supermarket delivering to Detroit and beyond
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If you lived in Detroit and wanted to buy weed without a med card, you had to leave city limits to get it—until now. For Detroiters, ordering weed is now as easy as ordering a pizza, and frankly, it’s been a long time coming.

As the first legal recreational weed marketplace and delivery service available in Detroit, Lantern has quickly made a name for itself with reliable, free, same-day delivery and hundreds of Michigan’s most in-demand products. And now, High Times readers can get $25 OFF their first order with code HT25.

So what’s the big deal? Customers love Lantern’s weed delivery platform because it doesn’t sacrifice convenience for quality of selection, making it easy to shop across local dispensaries and brands all in one place. Check out three of Lantern’s most popular dispensaries and brands, with some of the best strains and products below to get you started. Kick back, relax and let the best greens in Detroit come to you (they don’t call it Motor City for nothing!).

1. Pleasantrees 

About this dispensary: Founded in 2018, Pleasantrees is devoted to setting new standards for the cannabis industry, cultivating the highest quality cannabis so you can enjoy more of life’s pleasures. The difference is all in the terps. They’ve partnered with the scientists at Sfumato Fragrances to catalog and explain the various terpenes found in their products. No matter what strain you choose, it’s promised to be a pleasant one. 

Recommended Product: Pleasantrees Tiki Cookies Flower

A cross between Cookies and Tiki Rain, this sweet yet earthy strain is said to spark motivation while also relieving stress. Give this strain a test drive with pre-roll starting at $15

Effects: Calm, Happy, Relaxed, Energetic 

What people are saying: “Very nice.  Will lay down a newbie, but mellow an old timer.” -Julie

2. Cloud Cover Cannabis 

About this brand: Originally launched in Portland, becoming one of the top five indoor flower brands in Oregon, and now headquartered in Ann Arbor, only the finest flower makes it out of Cloud Cover’s cultivation centers and into the hands of customers. State-of-the-art cultivation centers feature the most innovative and sophisticated technology and equipment. A team of seasoned experts nurtures each plant by hand, designing a customized nutrient and care program to ensure maximum quality and potency.

Recommended Product: Could Cover White 99 Flower

Popular breeder Tierra Rojo crossed the popular Cinderella 99 with the relaxing cultivar The White, resulting in this sativa-dominant hybrid potency testing in the 30%. With a cheesy, earth menthol profile, this unique strain will elevate your mood and give you a nice energy boost. Give this strain a try, starting at $20 for 1 gram.

What people are saying: “Exactly what I wanted for weekends working on house projects and cleaning. Just the right combo of relaxing and energy feeling!” -Kristy 

3. Redbud Roots

About this dispensary: Redbud Roots’ mission is to positively impact both individuals and communities through a patient-centric approach to the cultivation and manufacturing of premier cannabis products, dedicated to the advancement of the human condition through education, charity and science. Its goals are simple and direct: to make a positive impact on the medical community and change healthcare—together. 

Recommended Product: Redbud Roots Blood Orange Rosemary Gummies

Redbud Roots water-soluble gummies are faster-acting and more consistent in their behavior than other edible forms of cannabis. When ingested, water-soluble THC can be in full effect within 15 minutes, and allows for more accurate dosing (read: no more hiccups from eating a corner piece). Take your edibles game to the next level, starting at $25

Effects: Calm, Happy, Relaxed, Energetic 

What people are saying: “The best gummies in the game, hands down!” -Josh

How Lantern Works 

Ordering from Lantern couldn’t be simpler—all you need is your home address and valid, state-issued ID. Where before you often had to choose between dispensary location, price or quality—Lantern makes it easy to shop your favorite dispensaries all at once, from an impressive menu of hundreds of cannabis products that range from local best sellers like Pleasantrees, to fan-favorite brands like Kiva. 

With similar services racking up a minimum delivery charge of $100 or more, Lantern makes delivery transparent and affordable, with low, $50 minimums and free same-day delivery. Once your order is placed, kick back and relax—they let you know when your cannabis is on its way. Your delivery driver will validate your ID and ask you to complete payment at the door, and boom—cannabis is yours. 

Intuitive & convenient shopping 

Lantern has created an online experience designed for ease of use, with product-first search, convenient discovery tools and personalized filters. The reason is simple: to make cannabis more accessible to new and experienced consumers alike.

Lantern’s menus allow you to shop for products in the ways you prefer.  Whether you prefer to shop by category, strain or the latest drops, Lantern has you covered. Filter by price, potency and even intended effect, such as relaxed, creative and more. To get started, just head over to

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