Minny Grown – Becoming the Nation’s first Local Hemp Company

When it comes to CBD, consider sustainable sources.
Minny Grown – Becoming The Nation’s First Local Hemp Company

While American demand for CBD products has risen dramatically over the last few years, the number of products that focus on sustainable growth and personal touch are few and far between. 

Minnesota-based hemp company Minny Grown is changing that narrative. 

After realizing the impossibility of competing with corporate America’s CBD brands, Minny Grown Founder Zach Rohr saw an opportunity to address a specific need in the market. 

“American consumers are insisting on local, sustainable solutions for all the things they consume,” he said. “CBD is no exception.” 

By utilizing a network of local farmers, small fields and family friends, Minny Grown has been able to successfully fill this consumer-driven demand. 

A Sustainable Solution 

Positioned in the heartland of America, Minny Grown farms their hemp without the use of costly irrigation or damaging fertilizers and pesticides. This is because southern Minnesota is home to one of the most ideal growing environments for outdoor hemp cultivation. In fact, all of Minny Grown’s hemp is grown, processed and formulated within a 30-mile radius of their headquarters in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. 

With the goal of creating premium full-spectrum CBD products, this conscious approach to the hemp industry has fast-tracked the award-winning brand to becoming their local community’s favorite CBD company. 

“Our approach to the hemp industry allows us to trace our products right back to the field in which it was grown,” Rohr said. “It’s something that most hemp companies can only dream of — and something we know is incredibly important to our customers.” 

A New Era for CBD 

As thousands of CBD products spread throughout the country, consumers are continuing to demand effective products that are based off sustainability and commitment to their community. In a time in which large-scale agriculture is failing to meet that demand, Minny Grown has gone back to the farm, creating a model of sustainability for all hemp companies to follow. 

Their unique process has allowed the company to develop a line of CBD products that local communities — and now national consumers — have fallen in love with. Minny Grown’s local-first approach offers an alternative solution to the national brands that may lack the synergy and personal touch CBD products require. You can learn more about Minny Grown and their award-winning CBD products, visit www.minnygrown.com

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