Moms Discover Easy Way To Enjoy Cannabis

Has your mom discovered the salubrious effects of cannabis yet?
Moms Discover Easy Way To Enjoy Cannabis
Courtesy of Nuvata

“I’m utterly frazzled, like 90% of the time,” says Sandy M., a 43-year old Los Angeles mom talking about the frenetic pace of being a working mom and wife.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are all thinking about the moms in our lives. Maybe we think about our own mom, or our kids’ moms, or maybe someone who has been a mother figure. Whoever it may be, we can all agree that being a mom is tough. And to deal with all that stress, we’ve seen moms on social media talking about getting their wine on. But lately, more and more moms are turning to cannabis.

“For me, [cannabis] vaping has replaced my glass or two of wine every night,” said Sandy M. “I like that I can choose my mood with THC. If I need to get laundry done after the kids go to bed, I can get a jolt of energy, but if I need to unwind, I can do that too,” she continued.

“And the best part? I sleep great, save on those wine calories, and there’s no hangover, so I’m not dragging the next day,” Sandy raved.

Courtesy of Nuvata

Overall, women have been slower to adopt marijuana into their daily routine, mostly for fear of being judged and having a panic-ridden experience. But that’s slowly changing. Sandy and her cannabis-curious friends have recently been talking about THC’s benefits more, but what keeps them from joining her is more about being overwhelmed by choice of strains and terpenes – they just don’t have the time to research marijuana and no one wants the dreaded “bad experience.”

But according to Sandy, “they are totally intrigued about the pain managing, sexually arousing, energizing, and relaxing aspects of marijuana.”

Once she knew her friends were open to exploration, she decided to host a newbie “pot”-luck lunch and share her knowledge with them. She had recently heard about a new brand of premium cannabis vapes, Nuvata, whose entire product line is color-coded for easy identification and mood tailoring. “So I got the ladies together at my house and made sure my husband and kids were out. We had food and put on some music, and we sat around and tried these colorful vapes.”  

Nuvata’s new line of cannabis vapes – six in all – are developed with a mind-body spectrum philosophy.

Sandy had a feeling that her friends would respond to the vapes’ easy-to-understand, color-coded labels correlated with the effects of the THC and terpene combinations. And they did.

Courtesy of Nuvata

“As we sat comfortably, chatting and listening to music, everyone started talking about how they were feeling. There was a common theme – they couldn’t believe the nuanced personalized experience each of them was having. Best of all, they liked how Nuvata’s product descriptions made it so easy for them to know exactly what they were getting into,” says Sandy.  

These customized experiences are the biggest reason that women like Sandy and her friends are drawn to Nuvata. It gives them the ability to redefine how cannabis can enhance their lifestyle by going beyond the recreational benefits. “From stay-at-home moms and professional moms to young women with active lifestyles and grandmother’s looking for pain management, our vapes allow anyone to develop their own unique relationship with THC,” says Andy Singh, Founder and CEO of Nuvata. “We are getting down to the molecular level, because that’s where the magic happens To cite just one example of this magic, Limonene will engage your creative instincts, while myrcene and linalool introduce calming and relaxing effects.”

The personalized experiences are crafted by partnering with renowned PhD chemists and creating consistent terpene profiles so users can confidently define their experience while also enjoying an all natural, flavorful experience. Singh wanted to create a flavored line because he says the California market is saturated with cannabis flavors and traditional strains, and he believes that flavors represent how we celebrate, how we nurture, and how culture is passed down through taste buds all over the world.

Courtesy of Nuvata

As the conversations went on, Sandy’s friends also raved about the flavors and compact design. “I knew the flavors and design would make cannabis seem more approachable and palatable, but I didn’t  expect that level of excitement. Half way through the afternoon, everyone wanted to grab their favorite and put in their purses, gym bags or pockets. It was just too easy,” Sandy tell us.

They Mind-Body series is available in 0.5g of oil for $50 and is currently sold at select locations in California. For an updated list of stores, please visit or follow them on Instagram.

[Note on quality and standards: Nuvata sources all traditional cannabis terpenes found in cannabis and additional botanically derived terpenes that attribute to the natural fruit flavors, from a well established formulations lab that specializes in terpenes. The oil is sourced from Nuvata’s trusted and vetted compliant manufacturing partners. All oil is clean and tested by a third party before used for production. Vaporizers are also tested for all Category III heavy metals per state compliance.]

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