New HSO Fast Strains: Grow The Best American Flavors In Less Time

Humboldt Seed Organization is bringing you your favorite strains…fast.
New HSO Fast Strains: Grow The Best American Flavors In Less Time
OGKZ/ Courtesy of HSO

Nobody knows better than us what can happen when fall arrives and your cannabis crop is still not ready for harvest. The climate in Humboldt County stands out for its humidity, fog, and short summers. That is why we at Humboldt Seed Organization created the Fast versions of our favorite strains: Green Crack and OGKZ. There are strains ideal for cold climates with short summers and for growers looking for maximum indoor yields, as the shorter cycles of these Fast versions allow for more harvests per year.

In order to create these new Fast versions, we selected two genetics whose outstanding features have made them the favorite strains among Californian growers. The first, OGKZ, one of Mendocino’s most sought-after genetics, and the other, Green Crack, a Sativa plant that wowed Californian palates more accustomed to Indica-leaning strains. These are two strains that drive us crazy; we wanted to make them available to all growers.

What Are Fast Cannabis Strains?

Fast genetics are not autoflowering, and therefore do depend on the photoperiod that they are exposed to. This is a real advantage that these strains have over the automatics, especially for those looking for heavy yields. The photoperiod can be controlled to keep the plants in veg mode for a longer time so that they become bigger and produce heavier yields.

What Makes The Fast Strains Better Than The Normal Varieties?

Fast genetics’ main trait is their shorter flowering period. They will be ready for harvest between one and two weeks earlier than ‘normal’ photo-dependent plants. This reduces the risk of pests and fungi in the last few weeks of flowering, which is more prone to happen outdoors when the rain and adverse weather conditions of fall arrive, which can easily ruin your crop. Fast genetics are feminized, meaning that the cannabis seeds always develop into female plants full of succulent buds. Tempting, right? Let’s have a look in more detail at these two strains that mark the opening of our new category:

New HSO Fast Strains: Grow The Best American Flavors In Less Time
Green Crack/ Courtesy of HSO

Fast Flowering Green Crack: Speed And Pedigree

This Indica-dominant jewel stands out for her heavy yields and intense aroma; a mix of sweet notes with touches of spices and citrus fruits. A hybrid that results from the cross of a male Green Crack Auto and a female Green Crack, with a 44-50 day flowering time. Even though she’s a mid-sized plant, Fast Flowering Green Crack produces great yields, which makes her ideal for indoor grows. Her effect is potent yet not devastating; with 18% THC, she’s the perfect companion for tension relief after a hard day. It’s an easy-to-grow strain that delivers high-quality crops for those eager to taste the most intense Californian flavors.

Fast Flowering OGKZ: Limonene-Brimming Flowers To Raise Your Mood

Fast Flowering OGKZ is a feminized, Indica-leaning cannabis strain born from a male OG Kush Auto and OGKZ. After her resounding success, we wanted to make this genetic available to the public in a faster version so that we could deliver her top-notch, fragrant buds to all corners of the earth. And we succeeded in our mission. Fast Flowering OGKZ stands out for her bulky flowers, intense flavor, and for her limonene and resin-laden buds that will be ready in 58 days max. Just a few hits are enough to feel immense peace and joy and be transported to a state of euphoria that you will want to sustain forever.

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