Pain? Inflammation? Try Rare Cannabinoid Company’s New THC Rapid Relief Gel

Get A Free Sample Of Dispensary-Strength CBG + CBD + THC Lotion Delivered To Your Door
Rare Cannabinoid Company’s CBG + CBD + THC Rapid Relief Gel joins the premium Hawaiian brand’s line-up of hemp-derived Delta-9-THC products.

Looking for a cannabis product to quickly relieve muscle or joint pain? The experts at Rare Cannabinoid Company have created a dispensary-strength THC lotion that can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the United States. This powerful CBD cream is the revolutionary brand’s CBG + CBD + THC Rapid Relief Gel. If you click on the product name, you can request a free sample, with free shipping, no credit card necessary.

Rare Cannabinoid Company is best-known for their Mood Gummies (tasty, mood boosting edibles with THC, CBC, and CBD oils) and for creating the world’s first THCV products (for energy and appetite suppression) and pure CBDV oil (for sociability, memory, and reduced irritability). They also offer a vast selection of customized rare cannabinoid gummies, tinctures, topicals, and Pet CBD. 

The premium Hawaiian brand’s new, weightless cooling gel contains a very large amount of three active cannabis / hemp compounds: 1000mg CBG oil, 1000mg CBD oil, and 400mg Delta-9-THC. This trio was specifically chosen for its unique effect in combating soreness and swelling. 

In addition, the powerful pain cream includes arnica for inflammation as well as MSM, menthol, gotu kola, dandelion root extract, aloe vera and more natural, vegan ingredients.

This lotion quickly relieves soreness and swelling with 1000mg CBG oil, 1000mg CBD oil, 400mg Delta-9-THC, Arnica, MSM, menthol, gotu kola, green tea, aloe and more targeted, natural ingredients.

“Our Rapid Relief Gel should be applied directly to the skin in areas experiencing discomfort and soreness for cooling relief,” said a company spokesperson. 

“The special, weightless formula is neither sticky nor oily and it has a mild, refreshing scent. This makes it ideal for use anytime – pre or post workout, before going out or going to bed,” they said.

For added cooling, they recommend storing the bottle in the refrigerator. The gel also absorbs best when massaged into damp skin after a warm shower or bath.

It’s important to note that the high level of Delta-9-THC in this CBD cream is excellent for pain relief, but, since it is applied to the skin, it does not have any psychoactive effects. It can be used by everyone from elite athletes to grandparents, without worrying they’ll get high.

What makes this THC, CBD cream unique?
When looking at cannabis / hemp lotions, there are generally only two types available. Online and in regular stores, CBD creams mostly contain a CBD isolate in a base lotion. Meanwhile, in dispensaries, they contain a mix of CBD and THC oils. However, many products found in dispensaries still only have around 100mg THC and / or CBD. 

Instead, Rare Cannabinoid Company has created a very specialized formula with 2400mg total cannabinoids – one of the most unique and interesting being the inclusion of CBG oil. Despite its high potency and inclusion of THC, this product is legal to sell outside a cannabis dispensary. This is because the CBG + CBD + THC Rapid Relief Gel is Farm Bill compliant. It contains less than 0.3% THC and the only THC in it is naturally derived Delta-9-THC from U.S. hemp plants. 

The Magic Trio – Studies on CBD, THC & CBG
There are more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp and Rare Cannabinoid Company is the pioneer of creating special formulas that go beyond just CBD and THC. 

Here, we’ll take a look at scientific studies on CBD, THC, and CBG for pain and inflammation.

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is well studied for both joint relief and muscle recovery. For example, this animal study found topical CBD effective for arthritis pain and inflammation. Meanwhile, this human trial measured the effects of topical CBD treatment on former professional athletes now living with chronic pain. After six weeks of CBD treatment, the elite athletes reported significant decreases in pain and improvements in function.

Delta-9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is also one of the most researched cannabinoids for pain. For example, this medical review  looked at many experiments and concluded that “THC has twenty times the anti-inflammatory potency of aspirin and twice that of hydrocortisone” without the bleeding risks associated with all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

Although CBG oil (cannabigerol) is less well known than CBD and THC, CBG may have even more pain-relieving properties than THC. This scientific study found “CBG has more potent analgesic (pain-relieving), anti-erythema (anti-inflammatory rash) and lipoxygenase (inflammation) blocking activity than THC. Meanwhile, this scientific study found that CBG may work by blocking the transmission of pain signals.

While each cannabinoid – THC, CBG and CBD – offers relief on its own, this chronic pain study found that “THC + CBD + CBG combined was more effective than these compounds applied alone.” The researchers said results highlighted the potential of using these three specific cannabinoids, particularly in combination.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s products cover everything from THCV for energy, concentration, and appetite suppression (which may aid weight loss), to Mood Gummies (for blissful enjoyment), to CBN gummies for deep, restorative sleep. 

Cannabinoid Combinations For Every Need
It’s no surprise that this unique Rapid Relief Gel is the brainchild of Rare Cannabinoid Company. The Hawaiian brand offers the largest selection of naturally occurring cannabinoids and specializes in creating blends for specific wellness needs.

Well-known for their apothecary of cannabis / hemp compounds, their new THC + CBG + CBD cream can be used alongside their famous all-natural, vegan gummies for even more relief. 

For added joint and muscle recovery they offer:

CBG Gummies: Each green-apple flavored gummy contains 30mg CBG oil and 10mg CBD oil. These gummies can be taken any time of day as they are non-psychoactive.

THC + CBG Gummies: Each gummy contains 2.5mg Delta-9-THC in addition to 30mg CBG oil and 10mg CBD oil.

Other popular gummies include:

THCV Gummies: For energy, appetite suppression, focus and concentration. Each lemon-flavored gummy contains 12.5mg THCV and 10mg CBD.

THC + THCV Gummies: All the enjoyment of THC minus the munchies and couch-lock. These gummies contain 2.5mg Delta-9-THC and 12.5mg THCV and 10mg CBD.

Mood Gummies (jars): These unique edibles combine the most antidepressant-like cannabinoids to improve one’s mood. Each gummy contains 5mg Delta-9-THC, 5mg CBC oil (cannabichromene), and 10mg CBD oil. 

Mood Gummies (packets): For an on-the-go mood boost of blissfulness, these packets contain 10 Mood Gummies instead of the 30 gummies found in jars. They are the same edibles and each one contains 5mg Delta-9-THC, 5mg CBC oil, and 10mg CBD oil.

CBN Gummies: Sleep gummies each contain 30mg CBN oil and 10mg CBD for a restful night’s sleep without next-day grogginess.

THC + CBN Gummies: 5mg Delta-9-THC intensifies the relaxation and sleep properties of the CBN and CBD in these huckleberry-flavored gummies.

CBD Gummies: For calm, balance, stress and discomfort relief, these strawberry-flavored hemp edibles each contain 30mg CBD oil.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s full apothecary line also includes pure rare cannabinoid tinctures (CBC, CBDV, CBG, CBN, THCV etc.), full spectrum premium Hawaiian CBD, and their luxury line of Hawaiian Choice broad spectrum Maui CBD products.

All products are manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility and each bath undergoes multiple third-party lab tests to assure its purity and potency. 

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Enjoy Free Samples!
Not sure if Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Rapid Relief Gel can help you? You can try a totally free sample packet of the CBD Cream here. Each 3ml packet contains 12mg CBD, 5mg THC, and 12mg CBD. Packets come with free shipping, so no credit card is necessary.

Rare Cannabinoid Company has cooling relief gels with and without Delta-9-THC. Both offer powerful combinations with 2400mg total cannabinoids each.

For those who would like to try a CBD pain cream without any THC, Rare Cannabinoid Company also offers Hawaiian Choice CBD Topical Gel. It contains 2000mg premium Hawaiian CBD oil and 400mg CBG oil extracted from hemp plants grown on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano on Maui. Like the CBG + CBD + THC lotion, this Hawaiian CBD cream also contains arnica and other botanicals for added relief. In addition, it is gently scented with eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils.

Not sure which cannabinoids or products suit your specific needs? Take Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Cannabinoid Finder Quiz to find out. Upon completion, you’ll receive a coupon code for up to 10 gummies ($25 value) free. For the gummies, you will need to pay for shipping or receive free shipping with a qualifying purchase amount. 

Visit Rare Cannabinoid Company to learn more about all the fascinating cannabinoids, their uses, and the products you can find them in. 

  1. This THC Rapid Relief Gel sounds like a game-changer! I’ve been looking for something to help with my chronic pain and inflammation and tried products from Getglassdistribution. It was really helpful!

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