PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies are Here—One Bite and it’s Goodnight!

Get your beauty rest courtesy the new Sleep gummies by PLUS, which combine THC, CBN, CBD and sleep terpenes to get you a better night’s sleep.
Courtesy PLUS

Ever since launching two best-selling Sleep gummies, the culinary artisans and industry-leading scientists at PLUS have been developing a way to bring even better sleep to consumers by developing a new dual action formula that combines emulsified THC with a blissful blend of CBN, CBD and 10 sleep terpenes. 

Courtesy PLUS

Introducing the new and improved PLUS Sleep gummies, the first Dual Action Sleep gummies* that solve the two biggest problems in sleep: falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. The new nanoemulsion technology unlocks rapid onset within just eight minutes, while the smart formulation of THC, CBN, CBD and ten sleep terpenes provide a full night of restful sleep, and leave you feeling refreshed the next morning.

Tailor Made Experience: Specific Cannabinoids Hit When You Need Them the Most for a Great Night of Sleep

PLUS designed their new and improved sleep gummies to provide the best possible night of sleep by optimizing both the formulation and when each cannabinoid will hit. 

Courtesy PLUS

Fall Asleep Faster with Fast Acting THC

The #1 desired attribute for any sleep aid is to fall asleep faster, and Dual Action Sleep gummies now feature emulsified THC to increase speed of onset, with most users feeling effects in just eight minutes—faster than competitive sleep gummies on the market. PLUS Sleep gummies are now made with emulsified THC, which increases its bioavailability and allows you to experience its effects in as little as eight minutes. Fast onset means it will take less time to fall asleep! 

Plus, research suggests that low doses of THC decrease sleep onset latency and increase both slow-wave sleep and total sleep time. Both formulations of PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies feature low dosages: 5mg of THC for Cloudberry, and 1mg of THC for Lychee.

Stay Asleep Longer with a Scientifically Formulated Blend of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Research shows that two out of three people are also looking for help staying asleep longer. PLUS Sleep gummies are formulated with a blissful blend of CBN, CBD and 10 sleep terpenes to provide a powerful, sedating entourage effect. This smart formulation helps you achieve restful sleep throughout the night. These cannabinoids kick in 30-60 minutes from consumption because they are delivered via conventional gut absorption and are metabolized slowly to carry you through your sleep cycle ’til the morning! 

What Dreams Are Made of: A Blissful Blend of Cannabinoids

Together, the combined power of these ingredients create a potent, holistic high often referred to as the entourage effect. Each cannabinoid was selected for its specific role in helping create a great night of sleep:

  • THC: Low doses of THC decrease sleep onset latency and increase both slow-wave sleep and total sleep time.
  • CBN: Appears to have powerful sedative effects, which may be enhanced when it’s combined with THC.
  • CBD:  Reduces stress and improves REM sleep disturbances. 
  • Terpene Blend (Top 4 terpenes of the 10 used in our formulation):
    • Myrcene:  Shown to have sedative effects
    • Caryophyllene:  Relaxing anxiolytic and analgesic effects
    • Limonene:  Reduce anxiety and stress, may have antidepressant effects and increases serotonin levels in the brain – may reduce insomnia symptoms
    • Linalool:  Lowers anxiety and depression symptoms, increases adenosine, a sedating hormone that helps you fall asleep

How Does Nanoemulsion Work?

As with any edible, the gummy goes through the digestive tract. But through nanoemulsion, how it’s absorbed in the body can be managed with extreme precision. Emulsification means we can control the size of the THC droplet to help with absorption while also wrapping the molecule in a fatty “bubble” (phospholipid) so that it stays dissolved throughout its transit in the GI tract. 

By emulsifying the THC, we increase its bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of active ingredient that gets absorbed by your body. Emulsified THC results in greater bioavailability because it enables the THC to bypass some of the breakdown that occurs in typical digestion and move into your body more quickly , thus resulting in faster onset. Because the THC enters your system quicker, you experience the onset of the effects in as little as 8 minutes from consumption (compared to 45-60 min with other sleep gummies!). 

1 Great Night of Sleep, 2 Great Options

PLUS Sleep gummies are offered in two unique THC : CBN : CBD ratios and feature their proprietary sleep terpene blend, and the all-new Dual Action formula.

Cloudberry offers a stronger dose with 5mg THC for a stronger psychoactive effect. This version is great for users more comfortable with THC or more experienced users, and those looking for euphoria and a calm high as they drift off to sleep.

Courtesy PLUS

Lychee is a lighter dose option with 1mg of THC and a higher dosage of CBD to eliminate concerns of a “cannabis hangover” the next morning. Lychee is ideal for newer users or those with less experience with THC, or those seeking sleep relief without a buzz.

Courtesy PLUS

PLUS Sleep gummies also offer a healthier nighttime option, since they are made with all natural flavors and colors and contain only 1g of sugar and just five calories per gummy.

One bite and it’s goodnight! 

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  1. To each his own, but personally I would not recommend taking such drugs to improve sleep. This is your health and you should take care of it. At times it is better to invest in a quality bed. Make sure you have a good mattress and pillows that make you feel comfortable. At one time, this article helped me choose the best option for myself. These are the things that will help you get quality sleep.

  2. I have tried Indica granddaddy purple and government strain G13 and taking it past its point of highest THC. That is passed when the trichombs are milky and 30% amber. Once you dry it and shove it in jars you can take the flower and decarboxylate it. Sifting it through a household strainer and then take the flower and mix it in with heated in a double boiler using chocolate pods, peanut butter buds or whatever but first calculate the strength you want it to be. It is a wonderful and easy combination that gives eight hours of peaceful sleep waking up with a clear head and very refreshed. I’m working with a few hospitals in the United States, British Columbia and Australia.

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