Introducing PLUS Hash Gummies, Powered By Biscotti

To make your 420 even more lit, the good folks at PLUS have crafted a new, special gummy.
Introducing PLUS Hash Gummies, Powered By Biscotti
Courtesy of PLUS

In honor of the high holiday, the OG gummy gurus, PLUS, have crafted a limited edition gummy sure to send your 420 celebrations to the next level. PLUS has partnered with the heroes of hash to craft an exclusive gummy that gives you nothing but nug and all of the feels.

Unlocking the power of the plant, each 10mg cube unleashes a heavenly, holistic high that blends the best of both worlds: flower and flavor. PLUS Hash Gummies are the ultimate experience for edible evangelists and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

The Why Behind the High

Unfiltered, unrefined, and solventless, PLUS Hash is the closest to the cannabis plant that you can get in a gummy.

Ice-water hash is perfect for this premium product because unlike other inputs, including other forms of hash, it retains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids in a way others don’t because the trichomes are left intact. 

In the simplest of terms, think of hash as a bouquet of trichomes. By freezing the plant matter in ice water and gently agitating the mix, the trichomes (those sticky, sparkly, frosty particles that grow off the leaves, bud and branches) physically break off from the plant. 

That residual matter is then poured through a series of fine mesh bags to strain out that left-over plant material that has been stripped of the previous resin that delivers the fantastic feeling and happy high we seek from cannabis.  

What happens to that remaining resin? That, my friend, is what we call hash. And ice-water hash happens to deliver a hefty, holistic high one can only get from carefully-harvested, delicately-made, high-quality hash.

Introducing PLUS Hash Gummies, Powered By Biscotti
Courtesy of PLUS

Why is Hash Considered a Premium Input?

First of all, if you haven’t picked up what we’re putting down, not all hash is created the same. In fact, there’s a rating system out there that grades it on a scale of 1-6 using stars.

Ice-water hash is preferred in part because it’s ‘solventless,’ meaning no chemicals (i.e. butane, propane, CO2) were used throughout the process of making the product. You only need three things to make ice water hash: trim, water and mesh bags. It’s simple, but arguably more effective. 

Why? Solventless processes, such as the ice-water method, tend to preserve the powerful properties of the cannabis plant. It retains flavor, terpenes and a larger spectrum of cannabinoids better than solvent-based processes, which creates an entourage effect like no other.

Return of the MAC

Biscotti, the masters of the craft, made us a batch of MAC strain hash for this limited edition product. Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, this hybrid is renowned for its heavenly, head-focused high. MAC has a respected reputation for both relaxing and revitalizing the mind. A potent mix of creative kicks with calming effects makes this strain a go-to for smokers, tokers, and now edible lovers.

Packing 10mg of THC from this MAC hash into our signature cube, PLUS Hash Gummies deliver twice the potency of our 5mg gummies, amplifying the entourage effect and helping you maintain your high.

The Background on Biscotti

Making high quality hash is hard. It’s an artisanal, handcrafted production process that takes time and talent to do it right. 

Sure,  anyone can paint, but it takes a true artist to create a masterpiece. The art of cannabis extraction is no different; it takes a true master to craft high-quality hash. 

And because PLUS knows a premium product is only as good as the grow, we procured our single-strain, ice-water hash from Biscotti for this exclusive, limited edition edible. 

Rooted in Italian craftsmanship, Biscotti handcrafts premium hash products that both OG and new hash consumers love. By merging tradition and technology, Biscotti evolves centuries-old hash traditions while staying true to its heritage. Biscotti crafts high-quality hash products by partnering with industry leaders in legacy breeding and cultivation.

Introducing PLUS Hash Gummies, Powered By Biscotti
Courtesy of PLUS

If Biscotti’s One of the Best, What Makes them Different?

Biscotti is considered the Michelangelo of hash.  Since one of the goals of the hash making process is to preserve as much good plant material as possible,  Biscotti uses a proprietary ‘low and slow’ process to delicately separate the trichomes from the nugs and sugar trim (the two parts of the plant that get processed into hash).

Slow means they hand-trim the biomass at the peak state of ripeness. They allow their buds to ripen up to 4 days longer than most to yield the ripest trichomes. 

Human hands, not harsh, automatic machine trimmers, carefully cut the cannabis to protect such a delicate flower.

Slow also refers to their slow, temperature controlled  (32.1-32.4 degrees fahrenheit to be precise) washing process that happens in their state-of-the-art, non-reactive stainless steel washers, not cheap plastic washers that tend to be more common, filled with reverse osmosis water. 

Biscotti goes the extra mile by customizing the washing processes to each specific strain based on historical data, because different trichomes require different treatments.

Low means that every part of the process is done in temperature-controlled (or cold) rooms to retain  terpenes and other good plant material in each trichome.   This is important because terpenes are delicate and volatile, so unless temperature is carefully controlled, terpenes can get lost along the way.  That’s why Biscotti uses freeze-drying as their drying process.

Again, because this is a solvetless system using only ice-water and a few manual tools, the whole plant—terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids—is carefully captured through this artisanal extraction process. 

Introducing PLUS Hash Gummies, Powered By Biscotti
Courtesy of PLUS

Finished with Flavor 

Because the grow is the center of the show, we kept it clean with all-natural ingredients and real fruit flavoring.

With this marvelous MAC hash in hand, we add all-natural fruit flavors—organic essence squeezed from Seville and Valencia oranges with a twist of orange blossom—producing a gummy bite that bursts with flavor and balances the boldness of the bud.

The final result is an exceptionally tasty edible that delivers an entourage effect like no other for a unique gummy experience 

The best things in life never last for long, and neither will this elusive edible. Dropping right before 420, this limited run will run out quickly, so get your hands on this goods while you can! 

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