How to Precisely Control Humidity in an Indoor Cannabis Grow

How to Precisely Control Humidity in an Indoor Cannabis Grow
Courtesy Horticat Grow Technologies

Horticat Grow Technologies offers the industry’s only wall mount humidifier with direct connection to your water supply, eliminating the need for continuous refilling of a humidifier.

Striking the balance of perfect humidity for cannabis plants has always been a struggle for growers. From a novice’s basement set up to a professional industrial grow room, not having an indoor grow’s humidity dialed in can wreak havoc on your plants and overall end product. Part of the struggle comes from the fact that the cannabis plant needs varying levels of humidity depending on where it is in its growth stage. If you are planning to grow cannabis, it’s important to invest in a humidifier in order to protect your crop from start to cure.

There are about a handful of humidifier types out there, but the one most growers turn to is the ultrasonic humidifier. They produce a fog like mist that blends with the air and is pushed into the room using an internal fan to create a more realistic relative humidity. Though the ultrasonic humidifier is a favorite for growers, one of the big drawbacks is the inability to connect it to a water source. This means the user spends lots of energy keeping track of when it needs refilling.

That’s where Horticat Grow Technologies comes in.

How to Precisely Control Humidity in an Indoor Cannabis Grow
Courtesy Horticat Grow Technologies

By Growers for Growers

The innovative team at Horticat Grow Technologies saw this issue and felt the need to come up with a solution. Many, as growers themselves, saw that there weren’t many good choices on the market for adding humidity to an indoor garden.

VP of product development Chad Munson said “Most people used the old clunky mushroom type of humidifiers that where very messy and didn’t have any controls built in. After many design changes and trials, we launched the first wall mount direct connect humidifier with built in controller in 2015”

CEO Robert Johnson has been focused on manufacturing, distributing and innovating products since 1998. In 2014, Munson convinced Johnson to shift gears and enter a new industry—the cannabis industry.

“Now is the time to innovate for a market in its infancy” says Munson.

Growers can now have the best of all worlds: an ultrasonic humidifier with built in control and the ability to connect directly to a water supply, eliminating the stress of refilling.

How to Precisely Control Humidity in an Indoor Cannabis Grow
Courtesy Horticat Grow Technologies

The Horticat U80

As mentioned, the Horticat U80 is a humidifier that does not require regular refilling since it can be connected directly to your water supply line. This is a huge time saver and more time in the grow room can result in plants that are better cared for leading to a better end product.

The Horticat U80 dispenses a clean mist over plants in the grow room and feeds them with humidity by dispersing up to 10 gallons of water a day, without leaving any mess in the grow room. Install one unit for smaller grows or connect multiple units to evenly distribute humidity in larger rooms.

The unit easily mounts to the wall and stays extremely quiet while operating—you might almost forget that it’s there! But your plants won’t. The humidity of the room will stay set to your specifications without you ever having to worry about filling the humidifier. 

Weighing only 15 pounds, the U80 is extremely easy to maneuver and easy to clean. And for such a high-quality humidifier, the price point of $299 is extremely affordable. If you want to pay a bit more for the U80Pro model ($399), you’ll be able to digitally control the humidity and have a day and night mode setting.

“The industry is always trying to improve. People in this industry are honestly just recently realizing that humidity control is absolutely key to vegetative, flower and the curing process. That is for reaching next level quality product” said Munson

The U80Pro unit has again reshaped humidity needs. Single units are perfect for the small scale grower. Large scale commercial growers are now using the U80Pro as well. They can be installed throughout a very large space, then multi-linked together wirelessly (built-in), where they act in unison, turning on and off as needed to provide even humidity distribution. The Pro also has a built in day/night mode that allows you to turn down the humidity at night when the room calls for it less humidity. The U80Pro offers the same output as the original U80 with up to a total of 10 gallons or 80 pints per day.

These humidifiers are a must have for any size grow, with the ability to direct connect to a water supply and have them mounted on the wall out of the way is a true game changer. The built in controlling is a lovely feature as well but they can also be controlled by many of the industry’s leading room controllers.

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