REVIEW: Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosins

Kaizen Extracts offers Cold Cure Rosins and high-quality vaping and smoking solutions; just read this review to learn more.
Courtesy of Kaizen

The method you select while curing your rosin can have a vast effect on the flavor and consistency of your final product.

While warm curing is usually done at temperatures ranging from anywhere between 90 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit, cold curing is usually done in a sealed jar between the temperature of 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The jar is left sealed for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.

Courtesy of Kaizen

Warm curing involves either putting rosin that has been heated into a glass jar after extraction, and then sealing, or heating the rosin after it has been placed into a sealed glass jar. This resting process allows the terpenes to begin to separate and even pool on the surface of the rosin. Those terpenes are then whipped back into the rosin, creating a badder-like consistency. The end product is the ideal consistency for dabbing or twisting up in a joint.

One of the advantages of the cold cure process is that it minimizes the amount of terpenes that are lost through evaporation. Because of this, this process is commonly used to preserve the flavor and smell of the terpenes. Rosin has seen a noticeable increase in popularity in the last year. As the market matures and more education is being done around extracts, it seems more and more brands are trying their hand.

Today, I had the opportunity to try two Cold Cure Rosin strains from Kaizen Extracts. Kaizen’s Cold Cure Rosins are manufactured in Monterey County, California by Cypress Manufacturing and can be found in dispensaries across the state.

Kaizen is a legacy brand in California; the brand has been processing some of the best material in California since the medical days and has always put out clean, quality extracts. Since his entry into the industry, Kaizen’s Founder Dan Yoo saw a need for clean cannabis for patients, and he has since been committed to manufacturing only the highest quality concentrates.

Kaizen has won multiple awards for its extracts and is considered to be among the finest extraction companies for those who appreciate high quality extracts. Visit the Kaizen Extracts website to access the store locator to find them at a dispensary in your area. 

The first Kaizen product that I sampled was the White Tahoe Gelato Cold Cure. This rosin is a beautiful combination of White Tahoe Cookies crossed with Gelato. As I cracked the fresh jar, I was immediately welcomed by the pungent aroma of sweet pine with a menthol-like finish. Even after I put the jar down, the stench lingered in my nose, and I could feel it begin to make my nose hairs tingle.

Taking my first look into the jar, I noticed a beautiful, champagne-blonde rosin that had a consistency of smooth badder. As the smooth, thick smoke began to fill my lungs and mouth, I immediately tasted the creamy funk of the gelato. The flavor continued and then evolved, as notes of pine coated the top of my mouth as I exhaled.

The effect set in almost immediately. The strain is relaxing and sedative; I first noticed my shoulders and face muscles start to retract and relax. Any anxieties I had started to slowly melt away as I, too, started to melt into the couch. So physically relaxing and mentally calming, this would be a great strain to smoke before heading off to bed. 

The next extract on the table was Kaizen’s Banana Royale, which was a delightful smoke. Banana Royale is a mouthwatering cross of Banana OG and Dairy Queen. The rosin has a very similar look to the While Tahoe Gelato, with a vibrant blonde color and a similarly badder-like consistency. On first smell, I picked up notes of ripe and candied bananas from the Banana OG.

The sweet banana smell was followed up by a creamy and almost nutty aroma, which added a delightful savory note to the finish. The candied-banana terps transferred directly into the flavor as the sweet, creamy Banana OG hit my tastebuds. The Dairy Queen (being a cross of Cheese and Space Queen) then added a fatty, peanut-like taste to the exhale.

This strain is uplifting and euphoric without being racey or overly stimulating. The effects then slowly shift to a sedative and cozy feeling. This strain pairs well with your end of day activities helping you unwind while reading a book or binging your favorite series. 

After taking the time to smoke and enjoy these products, I can confidently say that if you enjoy high quality and tasty cannabis extracts, you should check out Kaizen’s Cold Cured Hash Rosin. Dan and the team have stayed true to their word and continued to put out only the highest quality extracts. I look forward to seeing (and smoking!) what other interesting rosins the team from Monterey comes out with in the coming months and years.

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  1. Will this form of concentrate ever be available In greenhouse light depo grown not just indoor? I only ask because a gram of cold cured rosin is between 70 to 100 dollars roughly. Not even people in the industry can afford those prices on a regular basis. I happen to know some of the greenhouse growers these days are releasing cannabis as good if not better than their indoor counterparts. Grown at that large of a scale it may be affordable for people newer to rosin or want to spend alittle less. I do not take for granted spending money at the dispensary. I get some people have money to spend on trash weed or last weeks leftovers, but I treat every visit like a budget. Well, if it is worth the big bucks, that farm is gonna know like a good chef. Also, theyll know they are getting purchased on special occassions.

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