Review: The DON by The Kind Pen

Once again, The Kind Pen is redefining on-the-go dabbing with The DON portable e-rig.
The DON by The Kind Pen Review
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We’ve all been there: You want a legit dab, but you’re out and about, so you can’t feasibly whip out a torch, rig, and a carb cap and dab away without burning yourself or breaking your glass pieces. Now you can have the best of both worlds with a quality product that enables yourself to dab on the go and expect solid dab hits at the same time.

Blast off quickly and efficiently with The DON—the “lightweight champ of portable e-rigs,” built for oils and concentrates. It’s designed to deliver the results of a desktop e-rig while staying small enough to fit inside your pocket discreetly. 

The team behind The Kind Pen believes that vaping is the way of the future, and that eventually, smoking will decrease in favorability. Newer generations seem to support this theory. Moreover, hybrid pen types that have the ability to jump from flower to concentrate and back are relatively harder to find in the accessories market, or they don’t work well. The Kind Pen, however, offers several options covering all forms of herb, including hybrids, and is one of the most popular vaporizer companies around, after years in the game.

The Kind Pen’s cache of versatile flower and concentrate pens like Deezy, Breezy or Geezy, are portable as well, but with different intentions. Some of those names were created based on The Kind Pen’s own leadership team member nicknames. The DON, on the other hand, is a high-end, concentrate-and oils-focused, portable e-rig. 

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Why The DON?

As the name suggests, The DON is one of the strongest portable e-rig offerings from The Kind Pen. The DON, as reviewers have mentioned, is more geared for better tasting hits of oils and concentrates.

The pen measures six inches by four inches and is one inch wide and charges in your car or the nearest USB port. Choose between green, gray, black, or blue color schemes, all of which fit in your pocket. It makes a great gift for the summer birthdays coming up.

Notice the built-in bubbler underneath the atomizer, which is capped with a quartz cup and crowned with a carb cap tethered to the device. After dozens of dropped carb caps, most dabbers understand the need. The Don’s built-in water filtration system in the bubbler cools the vapor—maximizing your dabbing experience.

Cooled-off vapor means less coughs and it draws less attention. We also noticed cleaner hits without the burnt aftertaste. (This, of course, requires using only good concentrate as well).

Its ergonomic design was created to dab more easily. High Times liked how the length of The Kind Pen is about the same width of a hand or knuckles—the perfect size to fill a pocket without feeling bulky. The foldable glass mouthpiece makes it small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket, and the silicone sleeve protects your lips.

High Times recommends going on a scenic hike somewhere in the cut with The DON. It provides the potency you need, but the ability to carry it along in your pocket. It provides more potency with concentrates and oils than vaping flower. There’s no need for a torch or the other typical tools that are needed.

The DON is packed with competitive features that make dabbing with it stand out from the rest. The Kind Pen is designed with a special focus on convenience—without sacrificing performance. Control airflow and temperature easily without combustion. 

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Full Specs

The manufacturer lists the following specifications for The DON, which are competitive compared to most similar e-rig setups:

  • Precise temperature control for the best experience
  • Built-in water filtration system for cool hits
  • Easy to take apart and clean (fully detachable!)
  • Curved glass mouthpiece
  • Compatible with concentrates and oils
  • 3000mAh battery for extended use without charging
  • Coilless “No-Burn” atomizer for pure flavor
  • LED light patterns and haptic feedback for ease of use
  • Full quartz chamber, which is replaceable
  • Cutting-edge-tech carb cab with a tether
  • Packing tool, silicon mouthpiece sleeve, cup removal tool, and cleaning gear
  • USB charger—C type
  • User manual
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Kind Pen is based in New Jersey with a mission to discover new delivery systems. Common glass pipes and bubblers get clogged with gunk and resin. The Kind Pen offers an alternative, providing systems that won’t get clogged with crude oils.

The Kind Pen provides a full lifetime warranty on most models. The Kind Pen will provide you with replacement pieces throughout the life of your pen. The specifics of the warranty will vary depending on which product you have purchased; full details are available on their website. 

Click here to put in your Zip Code and find where the closest Kind Pen retailer is in your neighborhood.

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