Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

Tell us about Royal Queen Seeds. How long have you been in business?

Royal Queen Seeds started out as project between a few passionate growers in Amsterdam back in 2007. Combining our years of growing expertise and knowledge, we decided to share the strains we had been working on with the wider world. We didn’t quite realize how popular they would be, and we quickly made a name for ourselves throughout the Netherlands as our seeds became sought after. We are now enjoying the same success throughout the entirety of Europe, with our varied catalog of strains being ever in demand.

Where are you based?

We are now based in sunny Barcelona, but also have a shop amongst the vibrant canals of Amsterdam and in Milan.

Where are your seeds available? Who can purchase?

Our cannabis seeds are available from both our online store and from our shop in Amsterdam.

Any special strains you would recommend?

There certainly are! Our Northern Lights Automatic is an extremely popular well-rounded strain that is proving a hit with both novice and veteran growers. It encapsulates everything loved about the original classic, including her tantalizingly sweet flavor and soothing physical stone, but in an easy to grow package that goes from seed to harvest in just under 10 weeks.

If you are more interested in CBD, then our award winning Euphoria may be the way to go. This feminized cannabis strain has a CBD content of 8.4 percent combined with a THC content of 9 percent. It creates a very uplifting, relieving, and functional high for those who need it.

Lastly, our Special Queen 1 always goes down a treat. She is one oldest and most cherished strains in our catalog, striking a chord with growers everywhere. For many, she is a staple of the grow room, and the perfect plant for creating an everyday-use stash.

What would you recommend for beginners? Any advice?

For beginners, there is nothing more important than knowledge. Natural talent will only take you so far; it is practice, patience, and the will to learn that will shape a veteran grower. Also, don’t become disheartened if a grow doesn’t go your way; it is all part of the learning experience. Look at what went wrong and learn from it. If you push yourself to continually learn new things about cannabis, and how you can apply it in the grow room, you will become a pro in no time. Read everything you can!

How about advanced growers? Anything they should know?

When it comes to advanced growers looking for something new to try, we tend to recommend dabbling in organic growing. Not only does this produce a greener, more natural product – just as nature intended – but the lesser degree of control on offer can also be quite challenging. This not only helps test and hone skill, but also helps growers become more in tune with their plants, as they need to be much more aware of their needs.

What makes your company special?

We would like to think it is our grassroots origins. We started out as simple growers, working with a plant we love and cherish. As such, we know the true joys of cannabis growth, and we want to make it a joy that is easy and accessible for everyone across the globe. We listen to our customers and use the feedback to ensure we are constantly pushing the boundaries of cannabis genetics, producing the best cannabis seeds possible.

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Are you offering any special deals?

fer free seeds with orders placed with us, but we also run other time-based offers, such as allowing customers to choose their own prices, or heavy discounts on certain strains. So if you are looking for a deal, make sure to check in on our website regularly, or follow us on Facebook for updates!

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