How To Run An Entire Grow Without Spraying Pesticides

Motto: Do no harm.
How To Run An Entire Grow Without Spraying Pesticides

“Do no harm” is a motto that most growers would love to abide by—to be able to run an entire crop without the need to spray harmful pesticides or fungicides.

SpectrumGro, a newcomer to the cannabis space, is a company run with just such a mission statement. Their lines of products are intended to assist the grower by providing him or her with the tools needed to keep their rooms clean and free of pests and molds.

The company has spent the last several years researching technology from other agricultural, medical and food industries, taking the best of what they have found and applying to industrial cannabis use.

SpectrumGro got its start with the Pathogen Death Wand, this is a light wand that emits an invisible beneficial light wave frequency that can prevent and eliminate mildews, molds and fungi. The product has undergone rigorous testing, starting first in the food industry and then later cannabis. Its efficacy was tested in a large-scale facility in Colorado.

How To Run An Entire Grow Without Spraying Pesticides

The Pathogen Death Wand is currently one of the cleanest ways in which to prevent many forms of molds and yeasts. The Wand delivers PDe3 combinations of light wavelengths at different intensities to A) promote the natural enhancement and to B) rapidly destroy pathogens on top of and within all leaf tissue.

The next arrow in their quiver is the Aqualogic water system. The Aqualogic is an ozonator that ozonates your water. This type of technology has been used in municipal water treatment facilities, hospitals and commercial agriculture. The ozone provides the water with natural antimicrobial features which creates a great solution for cleaning grow rooms, or irrigation systems and lines. It can break down algae, contaminants and built up salts from your irrigation lines. SpectrumGro is the exclusive distributor for the product line.

Their next product is an air purification system that is very different from most.

Its called AirLogix and is a Hydroxyl Air purification system. it can naturally clean the atmosphere of your grow room and continues to create a protective barrier while its present. Hydroxyl ions are formed when ozone, ultraviolet germicidal radiation and moisture are combined. When this occurs, a more powerful anti-pollutant is created. These molecules have been described as “the single most important cleansing agent in the earth’s atmosphere.”

These ions are 2.5 times more efficient at combating molds and yeasts than chlorine, making them one of the most efficient methods of destroying these types of pathogens. In addition to this, it can help break down the natural odors of your room via a process called bond dissociation energy or BDE. In a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal, McGill University (Montreal) scientists found that shining proprietary ultraviolet systems on the air conditioning coil reduced overall sickness by 20 percent, reduced respiratory symptoms by 40 percent and resulted in a 99 percent reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations on the irradiated surfaces within the ventilation system.

How To Run An Entire Grow Without Spraying Pesticides

These three arrows will further enhance any growers tool bag when it comes to dealing with molds, yeasts and fungi.

Through their direct interactions with some of the top growers in the U.S., SpectrumGro has field-tested these products and come back with some amazing results when it comes to efficacy. If you are looking for a fix in your large-scale commercial grow for combatting pathogens, look no further than SpectrumGro, as “nature provides the best solutions” and that is what their products do, provide solutions.

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