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Since the release of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) back in 2004, the name 7th Floor has become synonymous with quality and innovation among true vapor connoisseurs. As one of the most well-known and highly regarded brands in the vaporizer industry, Colorado-based manufacturer 7th Floor have built their reputation the old-fashioned way; opting to forego flashy, substance-less marketing campaigns full of rappers and scantily clad women, instead letting the superior performance and caliber of their products speak for themselves.

While desktop units like the Life Saber, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, and the recently released Super Surfer have always been the company’s bread and butter, 7th Floor noticed a gap in the portable market that only they could fill. Enter the SideKick vaporizer.
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Part advanced dry herb vaporizer, part high-powered dab rig, and part glass bubbler piece, the new SideKick is the embodiment of portable vaporizer innovation, boasting state-of-the art construction, enhanced versatility, and 7th Floor’s trademark styling. If the SideKick’s anodized aluminum housing looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same tried and true material utilized by 7th Floor’s popular line of desktop vaporizers.

Boasting a heating system which features 21 points of digital control spanning from 248° to 470°F, the SideKick offers the widest temperature range of any portable vaporizer on the market today. Equipped with a high-quality ceramic-encased heating element rated for over 9,000 hours of use, the SideKick is built to last through years of home-use and on-the-go vape excursions.

While so many portable vaporizers today seem to be marketed as fashion accessories geared towards casual cannabis consumers, the SideKick was designed for serious vaporizer enthusiasts who place a premium on performance and functionality, not simply aesthetics and buzzworthy-ness.
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Instead of just building the same old, run-of-the-mill conduction-style portable vaporizer as everyone else in the industry, 7th Floor drew upon the qualities and characteristics that have always separated them from the pack; innovative features and custom glass.


Setting out to achieve the highest level of vapor quality possible, the folks at 7th Floor developed a spiral-shaped “vortex” vapor path, which effectively extends the distance vapor travels from the ceramic-encased heating element to the glass mouthpiece from 7” to 18”. During this extended travel time, vapor has a chance to cool down before being inhaled, resulting in ultra-smooth, incredibly pleasant vapor. For the ultimate in frosty goodness, the vortex cooling insert can be removed and chilled in the freezer before sessions for vapor as jaw-droppingly crisp as the Rocky Mountain air itself.
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Equipped with an integrated stirring mechanism, the SideKick gives you the unique ability to stir your dry herbs throughout the duration of your vaporization session without having to remove the lid. This nifty little feature promotes even and efficient heating, ensuring no particular portion of the herbs in the chamber cook quicker than any other portion during the conduction heating process.
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Custom glass that’s hand-blown right here in the USA has always been a hallmark of 7th Floor products, so it should come as no surprise that the SideKick is available with many different glass mouthpiece options, including optional clear and colored bubbler attachments, which provide the added benefit of vapor hydration and cooling. Replacing the SideKick’s standard glass mouthpiece with one of the many custom, hand-blown bubbler attachments not only takes vapor quality up a notch, but also gives your SideKick a classic “stony” look that fits in perfectly with your existing glass collection.

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