Smoke Like a Boss with Lowell Herb Co.’s Paperless Hash Wraps

Lowell Herb Co.’s Hash Wraps take out the paper taste, providing an elegant, celebratory escape.
Courtesy of Lowell Herb Co.

Say goodbye to papers, which some say alters the life-affirming taste of the sweet leaf. Debuting at 2021’s Hall of Flowers, Lowell Herb Co.’s Hash Wraps made a loud splash in the market as the company’s first entrance into the trade show.

Like a fine cigar, this indulgence is best saved for the weekend or to break the ice on special occasions.

The team at Lowell spent countless hours refining “the Art of the Roll,” offering a more pure and potent experience, going beyond average enhanced pre-rolls found in the industry. While preferences of pre-rolls or other delivery methods depend completely on a consumer’s subjective experiences, some smokers don’t like the paper taste. 

Hash-infused joints rank high in favorite lists, but they often contain paper. Enter Lowell Herb Co.’s Hash Wraps, elevating the hash wrap standard for a sophisticated paperless pre-roll offering packaged in curious black box and glass vial. Consider it the “Rolls Royce of joints.”

The Hash Wrap

Being solvent- and additive-free, the completely paperless Hash Wrap pre-roll is made entirely of cannabis—with the exception of the glass tip, of course—producing a smooth hit every time. The strain-specific Hash Wrap has an impressively high THC content at 46 percent or more, (many clocking in at above 48 percent) compared to the ~20 percent industry THC standard for typical pre-rolls.

The wraps weigh about two grams, and they are made exclusively with Lowell Farms’ premium flower. Get your hands on them while they last, and they’re best reserved for celebratory occasions—where it’s an event of just the end of a week on Friday. The Hash Wraps are available for delivery via Lowell Direct as well as at Caliva (San Jose and Bellflower) and Dr. Greenthumb (Los Angeles).

It provides a consistent burn, but my favorite part was smelling the hashy drip with tiny bubbles and a milky cloud to boot. The peppery and slightly strong earthy flavor packed with myrcene followed the somewhat sweet, candy-like hits. However, if you’re in a sensitive or illegal area—such as a hotel room—don’t plan on flying under the radar because the hashy odor level is high with this one. On the scale of odor levels, hashy products tend to burn that way.

We also liked the look of the black glass tip, perfectly balancing the grainy texture of the wrap.

Made of 100 percent cannabis, it contains no paper and no additives. The wrap itself is made out of cold-pressed hash. It adds to the growing paperless pre-roll trend—and this product puts competitors to shame.

The wraps contain one gram of fresh-pressed ice-water bubble hash with a pinch of 0.5 grams of premium, single-strain whole flower, leaving a nice texture to the wrap. 

The Response

Lowell Herb Co.’s Hash Wraps were one of the highlights of the Santa Rosa and Palm Springs Hall of Flowers events.

“The response we received from the Hash Wrap launch was really encouraging and reinforced our belief that we’re developing products that our fans not only want, but are truly excited about,” Lowell Farms Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Ainsworth said at the time.

Lowell Farms’ prowess in the cannabis industry is highlighted by ground-breaking forays into social consumption and high-quality products. In 2017, for instance, Lowell debuted a cannabis flower bouquet just in time for Valentine’s Day. This year, for Valentine’s Day, they’re launching a limited-edition blend called “The Heartthrob Hybrid.” As always, Lowell Farms utilizes artisan craft cannabis from sustainable farms.

Don’t forget about Lowell’s other range of products, including pre-roll Smokes and Quicks to cannabis oils and the company’s popular “Farmer’s Eighth.”

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  1. That is far from a modest joint with a full gram of hash as the paper. Lowell’s herb Co. Took the concept of a fruit roll up and washed it into something new. Another great option for Lowell’s herb Co. Maybe just to sell Hash Cones that are a full gram or above. Consumers may like the option of stuffing a fat joint in a hash paper.

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